Review of the participating films at the Melbourne International Film Festival

Here are my three favorite movies at this Melbourne International Film Festival:

1.The Square

The film is a self-deprecating act of the intellectuals, but after watching it, the film has in turn ridiculed us. “The Square” is about a divorced father who works as a curator in a modern art museum with excellent working abilities. In addition, he is a humanitarian defender and a pioneer in environmental protection. He curated an exhibition called “The Square”, hoping to awaken visitors to the next generation. However, in the process, he found that he could not really accept the idea of ​​his own propaganda, and the existence of the self felt a huge challenge. The film reveals the hidden dilemmas and traps under the mainstream “political correct view”. It is a mirror of the middle class and full of irony.

The film won the Palme d’Or at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.


2.Claire’s Camera

Maybe another literary love movie “Before Sunrise”?

The film is a new work by the famous Korean director Hong Shangxiu. His “Claire’s Camera” and his other film are all shortlisted for this year’s Cannes Film Festival. This is rare. After the film, Kim Min He played an employee who was dismissed from the cafe because of his straight personality. He met Claire who likes photography in Cannes. Claire has the mysterious power to perceive the past and the future, and she can use her camera to change a person’s destiny. The style of the movie is like a delicate piece of life, the picture is delicate and beautiful. The summer is hot, the blue coast breeze light Buddha, the white sand beach and the literary coffee shop, the feelings of the triangle men and women are talking slowly and slowly. A more interesting aspect may be that in the real world outside the movie, the actress talked to the big director about a relationship.


3.Loving Vincent

A slow-working, epic animated cartoon.

“Loving Vincent” is a film produced by the famous British film studio BreakThru Films (which won an Oscar) and Trademark Films started in 2012. In these 80 minutes, it contains more than 100 painters’ five-year creations, and restored more than 100 Van Gogh works, which were superimposed with 62,450 hand-painted oil paintings and displayed at a rate of 12 frames per second. It presents an exciting effect for the audience. Even many people who have seen this film can’t help but burst into tears. The narrative of the documentary and the monologue mode can be called a tearful work, an emotional crit. Van Gogh’s lonely and crazy artist soul is naked in front of us.

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