Production of the red carpet ceremony at the Film Festival

At the 69th Cannes International Film Festival in 2016, Chinese films were nominated for the finals, but many Chinese movie stars took the opening red carpet, which led to many disputes. The Chinese film industry’s conquest of an international A-level film festival red carpet far exceeds its big screen. This gap shows a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship between the star and the red carpet independent of the film art itself. With the increasing importance of film festivals in the cultural industry, relevant research on film festivals has received increasing attention. The film festival is an important part of the cultural industry. In the practice of the film festival, the red carpet ceremony and its dissemination form a unique mass cultural landscape. The red carpet ceremony shows far more than film stars, but also a miniature form of the various groups involved in the film festival and the film industry. The social relationships between these groups and the power operations behind them are related to multiple aspects of culture, business and politics, which means that the agenda of the red carpet ceremony is supported by professional discourse, the embedded commercial chain reflects the operation of business discourse, and the aggregation and resetting of space reflects the implantation of political discourse. The red carpet ceremony is the product of multiple power competitions and multi-party discourse in the practice of the film festival.

The Red Carpet Ceremony is a specific symbolic act of the film festival. It displays not only stars, wonders and gossip, but also shows the elements involved in the development of the film festival and the film industry during this period, which includes film stars, producers, professional organizations, media, and experts. The social relationship between them and the power operations behind them are related to multiple aspects of culture, business and politics. As a ritual created within the rules system of the festival, the red carpet and the mass media are mutually constructed. Because of the semi-openness and geographical limitations of the international film festival red carpet ceremony, which means that the real channel for red Carpet Information to reach the public view is the mass media. The mass media, especially the specifications and needs of live television have shaped the content of the red carpet ceremony. In other words, the red carpet ceremony is the content prepared by the film festival for the media kitsch outside the film art category. It produces entertainment value, news value, economic value and professional value in the process of media communication. Its production process contains relevant social relations and consumer organizations.

TV live broadcasts the red carpet ceremony in the public’s field of vision from a media perspective, which creating a public space for comments and gossip. The live broadcast will participate in the limited presence of the film festival and expand to a theoretically unlimited audience of TV viewers. The audience of the film festival has been shifted from the middle and high-end intellectual class to the broad masses of low-income people, which achieving a two-way leap between the media and the class.It establish public awareness of the cultural identity and cultural status of the nation-state. As the literary image of the festival’s cultural goods, the red carpet ceremony shows the political, economic and social interests entangled in it. and becomes a vivid example of the political economy of cultural goods.

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