Please pay more attention to women film festival

The creation of women film festival aims at celebrating and supporting the work of women filmmakers and creatives, like producer, directors, writers etc. to advocate for gender equality and diversity in film industry and other realms. Women’s film festival committed to enhancing the status of women in society and providing a communication platform for the women from different countries. Women’s film festivals staged a direct challenge to the historical and social reality of gendered. In fact, not only in the film industry, there are different pay for equal work in all walks of life, just because female’s disadvantage in gender.

The latest research report from the San Diego State University’s Women’s Research Centre shows that the proportion of female filmmakers is low in film industry. The study showed that from June 2016 to May 2017, only 28% of the 1,472 films that participated in the American Film Festival were female, and this is the highest percentage in recent years. In the documentary, the proportion of female filmmakers is 33%, which is slightly higher than the 25% of the narrative films.

The gender of the director also has a lot to do with the gender composition of other behind-the-scenes staff. If in the film has at least one female director, the proportion of female writers, editors and photographers is relatively high, and the proportion of female writers can reach 74%, and in movies dominated by male directors, the proportion of female screenwriters is only 7%.

In the late 1960s, women’s movements were very popular in the US and UK. The feminism was emerging, and the feminists began to call for women to create their own cinema and film festival. The Women’s Film Festival has become a good channel for female filmmakers to showcase their results. As a result, many of the women film festival identify and promote the many talented female filmmakers who work within all areas of screen production and showcasing the diversity of women’s perspectives through round table conversation, forum, workshop, panel discussions.

When mentioned women’s film festival in the usual people thought which related to political activities (Martineau, 1975). In my perspective, no matter the gender of the filmmakers, after they carefully crafting a film, are more eager to see the artistic value of the film and its influence and impetus to the society, rather than simply judging the films serving for the political movement. For instance, the SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival aims at promoting female filmmakers and women’s films guiding the entire film industry, growing into a worldwide international women’s film festival with the love and trust of the audience. Meanwhile the 3rd Melbourne Women Film Festival(MWFF) is also in the process of preparation. MWFF is a non-profit, full volunteer-run organization. Although the organisers meet the limitation for fund or other resources, they do hard work and hope to let more people participate and involve in this film festival ( I write this blog also want to let more people know and attend the film festival around us and the launch event of MWFF will be held in Nov, 2018.



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