One of the largest learning events in Australia: the 2018 Melbourne International film festival

In times that are anything but ordinary, the filmmakers who infuse our world with perspective through storytelling continue to elevate their craft. And the film festival be will the biggest festival for them every year.


The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is a paradise for film lovers to visit the international premiere, red carpet charm and the best global movie play. Founded in 1952, the Melbourne International Film Festival is one of the oldest film festivals in the world and the most important film festival in Australia. An iconic Melbourne event, held annually in the heart of the city, offers a highly acclaimed screening program along with industry and celebrations.


MIFF showcases the best movies from around the world, as well as reviews, contributions and discussion plans. Since its inception, MIFF has also been dedicated to local film: Australia’s largest film show and the nation’s most prestigious carnival for emerging and local filmmakers. The festival also hosted the world premiere of many local films.


The 67th MIFF ran from 2-19 August 2018. The festival offers various prizes. Short films are recognized in several categories, including the Grand Prix for Best Short Film and the Award for Best Australian Short Film. The Most Popular prizes are audience choice awards for feature films and documentaries.


This year’s MIFF has screened more than 300 films, bringing a rich cultural experience to the people of Melbourne and is a warm sun in this winter. As a student of the film festival, I have learned a lot while participating in this activity. There are many processes in organizing a film festival, and film is at the heart of the festival. Winning the prize is not the sole purpose of the directors participating in the festival. This feast is more like a celebration in the film industry. Interestingly, anyone who is interested in the film can participate in the film festival. In this way, we are all closer to the art of film. If a city holds a film festival every year, it must be a very cultural city, like Melbourne.


We have all learned that the programming of a film festival contains: discover films, find audiences, curatorship/exhibition, sponsorship/marketing, purpose/objective of the festival, find audiences and cater to a loyal audience. As the organizer of the film festival, we must pursue the growth of the audience and the quality of the festival.


The propaganda before the film festival is also inseparable from a lot of money. I noticed that MIFF had a variety of different forms of publicity before it was held. I also received a photo album of the event. These are all attracted to me. And the film festival has absorbed movies from all over the world, many of which are Chinese independent films that I am looking forward to. And MIFF has launched many links in order to increase the participation of the audience. For example, scoring a movie can earn a reward, and so on.

MIFF has many merits worth learning from the Chinese film festival organizers.

By: Yuqiu Zhang —- 28996399

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