My understanding of Shanghai International Film Festival

As a Chinese, I’m so proud of the Shanghai International Film Festival, which is one of the 15 Competitive Feature Film Festivals around the world. It was also accredited by the International Film Producers Association in 1994. In the meanwhile, Shanghai, the most global city in China, attracted more than 10 thousand filmmakers and producers to visit by holding the Shanghai International Festival.
But I’m not going to talk about the general introduction and background of the Shanghai International Film Festival, I just want to share the feelings of audiences and my understanding of the Shanghai International Film Festival.
As everyone knows, there is no rating system for films in China. If some films have violent or eroticism elements and scenes, the SARFT (State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television) will not give those films permission to showing in China. So Chinese film fans cannot watch so many excellent movies due to the policy.
Shanghai International Film Festival not only gives the opportunity to the producers who make those fantastic films, it also gives a chance for the audience who cannot watch some films which are not showing in China. My roommate attended the Shanghai International Film Festival every year, the tickets are limited and it’s really hard to get the tickets online. It means so many film fans don’t want to lose those opportunities to watch great films.
Due to the totally different national situation in China and other countries, the Shanghai International Film Festival is not only a great global event, it also the great chance to get to know more films who are not very famous in China. I think it really means a lot both for directors and audiences. The opportunity is very precious to them.
On the other hand, besides some social minority movies screening at Shanghai International Film Festival, some classic film will show in a different way, mostly in the high technological way, like 4K or 4D and so on. I remember that there is a cinema has the double high technology, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. One of the most classic films, Titanic, was showing at 21st Shanghai International Film Festival in Dolby Vision version. This version gives the audience an experience that has never been seen before. It is very real as if it is immersive. Even the audience has seen this movie many times, watching the Dolby Vision version can feel a more powerful shock.
After understanding the different perspective of the Shanghai International Film Festival, I feel very proud of China, for holding such an important film festival for film fans and filmmakers. The film festival is a very meaningful event, not just in the business world or the art world.
By watching the movies that are not normally accessible, to understand the stories behind the movies, to understand the thoughts of the filmmakers, and to enhance the horizons, having our own thoughts and insights about the movie stories may be the biggest influence of the film festival on me.




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