MIFF: see the world through films

As a great fan of all types of films, I have already participated in MIFF last year.

In my point of view, MIFF does not only belong to film makers, it also belongs to the whole world, belongs to everyone. MIFF is also a chance for all the people to get involved in art and discover the colour of the world.

In just 18 days, audience have the opportunity to watch master pieces from around the world. Not only Australian films, feminism films, experimental films, musical films, crime films, cartoons, short films, epic movies, documentaries etc. are all shown at MIFF.


At the opening ceremony, MIFF chose a film called Jungle whose lead role is the actor of Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe. Jungle tells a story about how an explorer survive the wildness after he got lost.


One of the highlights of MIFF is a romantic comedy Three Summers. The director of this film is a famous director, scriptwriter, actor Ben Elton. Many other well-known Australian actors Deborah Mailman, Magda Szubanski, John Waters and Michael Caton all act in this film.


During the festival, directors, film makers and actors from all over the world can communicate with the audience face to face, talking about stories behind scenes and their understanding about the film and the whole industry.


Call Me By Your Name

Fri. 04 Aug 6:15pm, Comedy Theatre


The story of this film is quite simple comparing to most of the films. It is about meeting, falling in love and separation. Despite the simple story of this film, it is still a remarkable one. This film shows me how beautiful pure love is between two males, casting aside all other useless human emotions and human nature. What’s more, it also shows me a beautiful Italian small town Riviera.

With sweet opening music and frames, a 17-year old young Elio fell in love with an American oversea student Oliver. Both of them were obsessed with each other but they were also hesitating and not sure about how others felt. An only six-week relation came to an end with a little sadness. However, this short relation had also left very deep impression on Elio. Both Elio and Oliver found the closest, most impressive relationship in their lifetime from each other. Every frame in this film is so touching.

After I watched this film, I read the original novel. I found that this the novel had more details than the film and something more happened in the novel. I found that both Elio and Oliver loved each other so much and they tried to protect their pure love even though they were separated. Although they did not respond their own name, they still loved each other so deeply.

The most impressive line in Call Me By Your Name is “Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine”.

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