Looking at the 12th FIRST International Film Festival from behind the scenes


A film festival from start to finish is actually a very complicated and difficult process. This is especially true for the 12th FIRST International Film Festival. FIRST International Film Festival is an international film event held in Xining City, Qinghai Province in July, sponsored by Xining Municipal People’s Government and China Film Critics Society. FIRST Youth Film Show is dedicated to promoting the early works of young filmmakers and encouraging awards.

Since 2006, FIRST has continued to introduce valuable new directors to the industry, and these new faces continue to bring surprises to the film industry. Different regions and cities, different cultural contexts, and different image explorations make us feel The sharpness and power of the film, tender and lively.

For the FIRST International Film Festival, they must make changes because of the Chinese government’s control over movies and other publications. In order to evade the provisions of the “Movie Industry Promotion Law”, “the film can be taken into the film festival (exhibition)”. The CEO of the FIRST International Film Festival in volunteer mobilization meeting, said: “There is no screenings, the movie can not be seen, and will not be discussed, the festival will die.”



However, they only by breaking through the difficulties, can the audience see the excellent movies and get the attention of those excellent movies. This is the meaning of the film festival.

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