I paid attention to the film process at the Toronto Film Festival recently, The Toronto International Film Festival was founded in 1976. It was originally featured in other film festivals and was called the “The Festival of Festival”. In 1994, it officially changed its name to the Toronto International Film Festival. After years of development and transformation, it has become one of the most influential film events in the world. From the very beginning, only 30,000 people participated and developed into a shadow of more than 400,000 fans every year. The altar event. In recent years, it has been regarded as a preview of the Academy Awards. 90% of the films shown at the Toronto Film Festival are premiered in North America.

Because I like director Jiang Wen very much. I watched his master director’s class panel. Jiang Wen is a talented Chinese director. His film ‘Devils on the Doorstep’ which was won the Grand jury award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000. This film was banned in China for about ten years, but it is one of my favourite Jiang Wen’s movies. In this panel of Toronto Film Festival, Jiang Wen said a lot about filmmaking. He said that the innovation that every generation of filmmakers can do is very limited, and the progress of the film in the innovation process is very slow. And also he talked about censorship system in China, He believed that it is currently impossible to change, but as a creator he try not to self-censor. I agree with this point of view. I feel that creators have to maintain their creative freedom to have some real soulful works. Although China’s box office is growing rapidly and the market is expanding, Chinese films are rarely welcomed by overseas audiences. They are rarely selected in various international film festivals, especially heavyweight film awards such as Oscar. At present, China does not have a very influential film festival. I think this is probably influenced by the censorship system. Filmmakers need to make choices in terms of creative freedom and box office income. I recommend everyone to look at some of Jiang Wen’s classic works,‘Devils on the Doorstep’ and ‘The Sun Also Rises’, which was full of black  humour and masterful narrative.

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