International Film Festival is a Cultural Business Card

From the literal point of view, the “International Film Festival” is a grand festival to showcase outstanding films from various countries. Reviewing the history of international film festivals, it has been 86 years since the world’s first international film festival, the Venice international film festival was held in Venice, Italy in 1932. In the past 86 years, the world has been changing rapidly, the science, technology, and social system have made constant progress and changes. According to the data, there are about 700 film festivals in the world, and there are about 50 high-quality international film festivals approved by the International Film Producers Association.


Most of the international film festivals, which have significant international influence and are warmly expected by the audience and the media, will be produced in 55 quality international film festivals approved by the International Film Producers Association each year. These more influential international film festivals are divided into four categories: A, B, C, and D. They are competition-type non-specialized film festivals, competition-specific film festivals, non-competition film festivals, and documentaries and short film festivals. However, no matter what kind of international film festivals, they all play an important role in international cultural communication and communication by virtue of their significant international influence and high-density topic. Here are two examples of cultural exchanges and exchanges that have been well represented in recent years through the International Film Festival.

201505151612571006During the red carpet of the Cannes film festival from 2010 to 2012, Chinese actress fan Bingbing introduced herself to the world with three sets of Chinese-style dress for three consecutive years, and also let the world see the unique Oriental aesthetic culture with her Chinese-style dress. Special mention is made of the “Dragon Robe” that Fan Bingbing wore on the red carpet of the Cannes International Film Festival in 2010, which caused world media sensation and discussion. The dress was tailor-made by Chinese designer Lawrence Xu. The color used was yellow that only the emperor could wear in ancient China. The beautiful oriental embroidery was embroidered with the Chinese style of cirrus and dragon. The dress is currently in permanent collection by the National Victoria and Albert Museum. After that, the crane model in 2011 and the Chinese porcelain model in 2012 still attracted enthusiastic reports and discussions from the media, so the bold display in the red carpet of the International Film Festival undoubtedly played a very good role in promoting the oriental culture. In this way, Fan Bingbing displayed the unique oriental classical culture as the international media. 



Another example I would like to say about is the British film”Atonement”, which I personally like, and is directed by British director Joe White in 2007. The film was shown as the opening film of the 64th Venice International Film Festival. The film is based on the woman’s “atonement” as the main line, with love and war as the auxiliary, and the time span from 1935 to the Second World War. Its picture, background, the props, and costumes were all true to restore the true face of that era. The massive war scenes showed the brutality of the Second World War to the audience. This is the exchange and dissemination of British culture. As the opening film of the Venice International Film Festival, with the high attention of media and filmmakers around the world, the impact of this cultural communication is enormous. 

The International Film Festival mentioned in the title is a cultural business card. The culture here is not specific but can be changed and flexible. The International Film Festival is like a piece of printing paper, and it has been printed on different cultures, ideas, and art from different countries. This business card is an important medium for promoting the exchange of different cultures in the world.

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