How to Establish a Film Festival

After I finished the week 8 lecture I started to think about how to make our film festival attractive and meaningful. The topic of the week 8 lecture is Film Festival and counter public sphere. I remember when someone asked whether the Korean Film Festival is a part of counter-public sphere film festival, I started to think of our own major film festival which is on the 9th and 10th of October.


The interesting fact is our film festival’s topic is about immigration, I considered the core factors and elements of our topic and classified our film festival under the column “counter-public sphere”. The reason why I think our film festival belongs to this category is based on the definition that “Counterpublics are formed as a response to the exclusions of the dominant public and that their existence better promotes the ideal of participatory parity.” (Lecture notes) The selected films of our festival are either made by immigrants or their theme is to reflect the lives of immigrants. Thus, I think our film festival is a part of the counterpublics sphere.


But how to make our film festival success? That has been questioning us since we’ve been given the topic of our festival. During the lecture, we have been told that film that exposed the lives of minorities and drives audiences to seek another way of living is a good film to be demonstrated during the festival. Professor also highlighted that a festival’s audiences cannot be everyone. Take these into our consideration we believe that the film which reveals the real life of immigrants and stimulates people to think and reflect on the topic is a perfect film for our festival.

Just like the first women film festival in the 1970s which stimulate the earliest feminist movement and egalitarian principles and other modern-day LGBTQI film festivals which created the counterpublics sphere for those people’s citizenships. I think using cinematic materials to reflect and represent the lives on the other side can successfully help to create a brighter future rather than use political decisions (Heath 2018, pp.50-51). And such conclusion can answer the question which professor gave us at the end of the lecture. How to establish a film festival? I think a festival that can help people rethink and seek alternative solutions could be considered as a successful film festival.





Heath,T, 2018, ‘Saving space: strategies of space reclamation at early women’s film festivals and queer film festivals today’, Studies in European Cinema, Vol. 15, Issue. 1, pp: 41-54, DOI: 10.1080/17411548.2018.1432924

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