How MIFF teach me setting up a film festival? Part 2

Hot sales of MIFF

MIFF occupies a position of power within the film industry and film circulation, influencing the presence, visibility and dissemination of non-mainstream film. It, as gate-keepers, is able to control access to films and film culture.


People are so obsessed with MIFF that you can hardly buy any ticket in the boxing office. As an annual film event, MIFF attracts more viewers than you expected. Tickets for many popular videos are close to sale when they are just open to public, so don’t hesitate to see the movie you want to watch, hurry to find a good partner and buy the ticket. Most of the movies will be shown twice during the festival, and some hot movies may be added in the second half of the festival, such as ‘The Assassin’ in 2016. As a result, if you can’t get the ticket, please pay attention to the notice.



The student ticket price for a single movie ticket is $16.50 (full price $19.50) and $15.50 for non-peak hours (full price $16.50). As an international film festival ticket, this is a very affordable price. There is even a pass with a bigger discount for hardcore fans.


Amazing space of  MIFF

Each city that wants to compete in the global creative/cultural market and in the tourist arena, contributing to the growth of festivals beyond he limited circuit. These festivals are usually funded to a large extent by municipal authorities and otherwise rely on corporate sponsorship.


MIFF is supported by Melbourne government so that it can screen shows in many areas besides cinema. The annual exhibition venues are not only selected in urban cinemas, but also have many landmark and historic theaters, and of course in the CBD. This includes Forum Theatre, Comedy Theatre, ACMI, Hoyts Melbourne Central, and Kino Cinemas. Due to the special screening venue and the large number of people watching the movie, MIFF movie tickets have no seating arrangements, so everyone should queue up for admission after the event. Don’t stroll around before screening because seats are on a first-come, first-served basis.


When I watched ‘an elephant sitting still’ this August, I went to the theater 20 minutes earlier, however, I even could not find any front position. If your movie is shown in a theater or in prime time, it is highly recommended that you go to the scene at least half an hour in advance, otherwise you may only be in the back of the theater. I suggest that everyone should choose to watch the show at the theater. Because it’s really special to watch modern movies in the classical theater with a lot of people, you can enjoy the gorgeous interior of these theaters.


Based on the successful experience of MIFF, I think venues are a crucial element in making film festival a success, not only for MIFF, and you will need to consider whether to use one or more. The location and existing audience profile of the venue are also important and you will need somewhere that is in easy reach of your main target audience. If the audience is likely to stay for more than one performance in succession, good food and drink facilities are vital, either in the venue (which will add to the atmosphere of the festival) or nearby.

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