Go to a film festival and enjoy it

Films are becoming more and more popular now in everyone’s life and Cinema is becoming one of people’s favourite entertaining places to go. People choose cinemas as place to have dates or selected as place to chill with friend at Friday night, and etc. The total number of box office now has been blown out in a ridiculously big number. We can definitely say that almost everyone has been to cinema for a film at least once. However, has everyone been to a film festival? the answer is an absolutely no! Why?


Firstly, it is true that cinema is everywhere, that film festivals are mostly once per year in some cultural cities, like Melbourne, Berlin and etc. Everyone knows that not every city has its own film festival. Commonly, the film festival only last 2-3weeks. It is the fact that the film festivals are not easy to access for public. Secondly, especially in the 21st century, people love Super Hero theme movies, comedy movies and movies can bring them feeling of satisfaction. Most of the audiences don’t like the films that makes them feel upset, let them think too hard and dissatisfy them. Recent decades, the pace of people’s lives is becoming faster and faster and people’s jobs getting harder and harder. They want the movies can entertain them and make them laugh. However, these kinds of films are not popular in the film festival, most of the film festival films are associated with social problem, emotional entanglements and etc. In general, film festival films are less likely entertaining, they are more seriously and more artistic. Thirdly, all the films presented in the cinema have the same goal which is making the box office number as big as possible. Yes, all those films are made to fit the mass public ‘s favour. The directors are making film for audiences, they try their best to make audience satisfied as we mentioned above. However, films in film festival normally don’t set the number in the box office as their main goal, they made films for artistic purpose more than beneficial purpose. Films in film festivals are also in film festivals competition and judges of competition are all great and reputed legends in the film fields and they set a more artistic standard for all the film.

Then, should we go to the film festival? Yes, absolutely. The film festival experience can be explained in one word, CLOSE. In the film festival, you are most likely watching the film with its directors and producing team. You can ask them question about the film, they will also tell you stories behind the film, and it is truly great. You understand the film better and you enjoy the film more than only watching them in the front of a big screen. Watching films in the film festival is like joining a party with the producing team. It is also a great opportunity to watch the films in a beautiful and historic halls or theatre. One of the venues in Melbourne International Film Festival called Forum Theatre was a brilliant place to watch films. It is a special experience. It is definite a ‘Must’ for everyone to be a part of a film festival.

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