Film festival: a good opportunity to know the story behind the film

One of the advantages of attending a film festival is that you have the opportunity to see the film’s creative staff, and you can ask the filmmakers any questions after watching the film.

At the end of 2016, a criminal suspense film “The Blood of Youth” released in mainland China caught the attention of the media. Due to the strict film censorship system in China, the creative space for crime-related films is extremely limited. After undergoing a change of release schedule, the media and the public were full of curiosity about the direction of the plot and how far is the screen willing to show the blood and violence. As the plot of release edition differs from the initial trailer, it can be seen that the film was re-edited before the release. From the interviews with the director and many actors, it can be seen that under the pressure of the review system, the director deleted many important plots and even changed the ending.


In order to solve the doubts in my heart, I decided to watch “The Blood of Youth” again at the Annual Cross-Strait Film Exhibition after seeing that the director Yang Shu-peng would attend the meeting after screening. In the released version, a hacker boy arranged a game in order to avenge for his beloved girl. The police who had neglected his duty and injured the girl, the girl’s father who killed her mother, the wife of the girl’s father, and the classmate who caused the girl’s death were all guided into the game. In the end, the boy killed the girl’s father and the classmates, he also lost his lives in the fight and left clues to let the police know all the truth and deeply regret his previous dereliction of duty. The film’s handling of certain details was also considered by the media to be a tribute to Park Chan-wook’s classic crime film “Old Boy”.


After the screening of the film, the director naturally talked about the original story that the audience cares about. According to director Yang’s description, in the script used in the filming, there was also an emotional entanglement between the girl’s father’s wife and the police, which was also a part of the boy’s layout. From the picture, the original cut was also full of more violent images, but has to be deleted for the censorship system. Similarly, in the initial stage of script creation, director Yang conceived a perfect criminal process for the young boy. As the big boss, the boy set the game to let all the adults who have done bad things kill each other and subtly retreat himself.


In summary, the festival provides a platform for fans to communicate with filmmakers, giving fans a chance to learn about the story behind filmmaking. At the same time, the version released at the festival may differ from the public release version.

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