Distinct Individuality of World Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival are the top three film festivals around the world, people are familiar with these international film festivals due to their long history and significant influence for film industry. However, the development of film industry cannot only be relied on these large-scale film festivals, there are still a large number of typical film festivals who own strong personalities achieve success.

Although Sundance Film Festival is not as popular as top three ones, it is the largest independent film festival in the America which can be considered as the most important film festival for independent filmmakers. It aims to promote the development of low cost independent films, it brings great influence for independent film industry and it provides more chances for new filmmakers. The Sundance film festival has become the springboard for increasing number of new directors in Hollywood, some Hollywood film companies choose to explore filmmakers from here. It has to be noticed that there is also a non-profit Sundance institute which be established to fund new scriptwriters and directors, many recipients then get awards from international film festivals around the world.


The twin for Sundance Film Festival is Raindance Film Festival in London. This film festival encourages the development of innovation avant-garde movies which provides chances for creative untraditional filmmakers. The films that be selected by Raindance film festival are also accepted by Cannes Film Festival and Hollywood. The same as Sundance, Raindance provides some courses, training for free for filmmakers and film lovers.

The New York Independent Film Festival is similar to Sundance Film Festival, they are both devoted to promote the process the independent movies. The NYC Independent Film Festival lasts for almost two months which includes many projection cities like LA, Las Vegas, the staffs will also go to Cannes Film Festival to do related announcement during these two months.

International Film Festival Rotterdam is the most significant platform for cutting –edge works. It is different from international film festivals like Venice, the IFFR has leftish political stand which own distinct characters and it’s famous for its independent rebellion spirit. All selected films are not commercial ones and audiences will not see any advertisements during the process of broadcasting, in addition, the whole festival excludes commercial-related activities. The IFFR pay attention to personal color and new filmmakers’ ability, its Tiger Award is set up for the fresh movies which means that it will only pick up the first or second work of a directors for competition.


The Banff Mountain Film Festival is the special outdoor event, it is popular among documentary makers, explores and mountaineers. The mountaineering culture, sports and environment are the constant theme of this film festival.


Without celebrities, large fund support, these film festivals can also achieve success due to their unique characters and thoughts.

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