Bollywood, come to combine with the whole film industry in the world.

In the last recent years, some India film cover the screen and more people know Bollywood. The film “Three Idiots” is the most classic film produced by Bollywood. With the contemporary society developed, majority of east film come into peoples’ eyes. Lines between the cinematic universe of the East and the West is fast blurring.

Last  month, Indian Film Festival of Melbourne(IFFM) had started from 10th August to 22ed August. From horror movies to comedies, from art films to musicals, there are variety of films at the annual Indian Film Festival. As we all known, Melbourne is a city include diversity culture, this city is inclusive and respect to any culture. So in IFFM, beside of the film screen, there also have Indian fashion shows, dancing events, etc. Let people in Melbourne have deep understand of Indian culture and attract people join in the variety activities. Some Indian film stars and famous filmmakers also came to Melbourne hold a series of workshops. This film festival is one of the activities supported by the Victorian Government.


The timeline of Indian Film Festival of Melbourne is clear, the period is short and easy to know the each event time on the website. The IFFM have their own website and App for people to get the recent information and easy to registe for the tickets. Actually the website of IFFM is very interesting and attract me. When I see the whole website, it covered by the color of red and yellow. This is very Indian style, below of the website, there have some characteristic with Indian pattern. The whole website is easy to read and comfortable.


The opening night is on Friday, August 10th at 7pm in HOYTS Melbourne central. This activity is as  other film festival, invite some filmmaker and actress to celebrate the opening night. But one event I pay more attention on is Panel Discussions and Conversations. This is not the same as Q&A. This event invite some professional filmmaker, director, talked the future of film or the changing of film. It not only focus the film itself, but transfer their deep understand of film industry. One topic is “Changing landscape and future of cinema”. The concept they talked is as we traverse through emerging technologies and evolving platforms, the way we make, distribute and consume cinema is fast changing. In this exciting and diverse climate of evolution, understanding the changing landscape and future of cinema becomes an important conversation. They invited International Operations VP Avtar Panesar, Acclaimed Director, producer Nikkhil Advani join in this panel discussion.


IFFM’s event except of normal screen at cinema, the film festival have a special screening at La Trobe University: “SANJU at La Trobe University with IFFM”. This activity have three part. At fist there have some Indian cultural activities, and then audience have chance to have a conversation with film star in SANJU and then they watch the movie. Students are invited to join an exclusive discussion with the film’s critically acclaimed director Rajkumar Hirani and writer Abhijat Joshi. All proceeds from ticket sales will support the La Trobe Scholarship Fund.

One director said that: “India, discover how today’s filmmakers find themselves not only acting as cultural ambassadors, but as champions of diversity and inclusion.” So this is the successful of IFFM, this is Bollywood come to combine with with the whole film industry in the world.

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