An interview with a Chinese film critic

With the popularity of the Internet and the rising of Chinese films, the film critic groups have also come into people’s sight. In mainland China, before the release of the films, film propaganda and issuance members will invite the film critics to watch the films firstly, and use them to promote the film in various forms on new and traditional medias. It can be seen that film critics have become an indispensable part of the development of the film industry. Recently, I have interviewed famous film critic Tao Jie, the jury president of Chinese media film awards and the film censor of Shanghai International Film Festival, to talk about his views on Chinese current film industry.

Q: What is your opinion on the current Chinese film festival?

Tao: From current film industry situation in China, there are few opportunities to see a large number of excellent films intensively, probably only the Beijing International Film Festival in April and the Shanghai International Film Festival in June. It is so pity, because China is too big, there are too many movie fans in other regions, there is no chance for them to participate in the film festival, so I hope more good film festivals will be held in future and get more people into.


Q: Do you think it is necessary to set up a film festival with all the film critics as the judges?

Tao: It seems that I have not seen a film festival with film critics as the judges, while there are many film awards with film critics as its judges. The film awards of various Motion Picture Association all judged by film critics. And I have also attended the in the Chinese Media Attention Unit in China. For example, in Berlin Film Festival, there will also be critics as judges. Of course the judges won’t be all critics, but critics will be involved.

Q: Do you think film critics have a big influence on the word-of-mouth of movies?

Tao: Our job is to treat films fairly and discover great films. In the self- media era, everyone can be a film critic. Ultimately, it’s up to the audience to check the quality of the film and influence the word of mouth.


Q:How much space do you think there is for the development of self-media in film industry.

Tao :Now everyone is doing something similar, some of them are also turning to video, live broadcast, other forms, and everyone is looking for new forms because of the existing The basics of the text class are just like this. What is most regrettable to me is that I have not really discovered that there are relatively good, young and truly level self-media appeared in film industry in these years. Maybe in the future, I am quite looking forward to it.


Q:In recent years, the enthusiasm of Chinese audiences for domestically produced movies has continued to rise. What do you think of this?

Tao: I think, first of all, the Chinese film market is getting better, and people increasingly interested in the consumption of movies. In the past few years, this was totally unimaginable. Today, more and more people like going to the cinema to watch movies. Cinema viewing has become a daily consumption like shopping and eating out. After the market gets better, people will have more intense demand and desire for movies, and want to see more movies. This is very good for the development of film industry.

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