An elephant still sitting

When I thought about this movie, I was very depressed. Because this film is actually the director of Hu Bo’s Virgo, but also his legacy, but also his first feature film. On March 14, 2017, the film “An Elephant sitting still” was successfully completed. It didn’t take long for Hu Bo to die in Beijing. When he committed suicide, he was only 29 years old. Prior to this, director Hu Bo cut out the movie for a four-hour version, but was rejected by the supervisor Wang Xiaoshuai, asking Hu Bo to cut back a two-hour version, and slammed Hu Bo with some harsh words. Hu Bo’s mood can be the feeling of depression and sadness that can be felt. The director can really directly influence the atmosphere of the whole movie. Just like in this movie, it becomes oppressive, calm and cruel.


It is said that there is an elephant in the Manzhouli Zoo. The elephant is sitting there all day. Some people always use a fork to tie it. It doesn’t move, or it may like to sit there. Someone wants to throw something to eat in the past, it does not care.  So, a teenager, a girl, and a grandfather came together to go to Manchuria to see the elephant. The protagonists have experienced many difficulties that they cannot change and cannot solve in the course of their lives. They want to redeem themselves in real life, but they have to bow to reality. They cannot change the status quo, and they cannot overcome setbacks. Choose to escape, choose to go to Manchuria to see the elephant. So just like the lives of each of us, you have heard a lot of truths, but you still have a bad life. You have a heart that wants to face difficulties, but when you really face difficulties, you can only Escape because you can’t resist, but you can’t solve the problem, and you can’t solve the problem. Going to Manchuria to see the elephant can’t solve the problem. The world seems like a labyrinth and can’t find the right exit. All the protagonists who appear in the movie, in fact, I think, can be understood as a director. In countless lines, in a myriad of shots, he clearly expressed a meaning that “is alive and annoying.” Although the film has a naive side when he stands in front of you in such a naked and tragic posture, you know that he wants to say: eager for innocence and kindness.p2511811395.jpg

I even think that this film directly expresses the director’s inner world, because he can’t escape, he can’t complain, he can’t solve the problem, when all the problems are on the road that can’t be solved, how can he choose? The life, maybe on that question, the director can’t find the exit, so he has his choice.

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