Women’s Film Festival Around the World

Fighting for women’s rights is the continuous process through more than thousands years, it has been the important part for the development of a society. Women are no longer the weak group and they are provided with more roles in the society no matter in political, economic or cultural filed. Women’s film festivals began due to the lack of female voice within the film industry. To combat this hindrance, their own film festival was designed. (Wickman, 2012) Nowadays, many countries include Western and Asian have their own women’s film festival.

The first International Women’s Film Festival in Australia was held in 1975 in every state capital city and Canberra. It is one of the earliest women’s film festivals around the world. The film festival lasted for nine days in Melbourne and Sydney and attracted around 56000 audiences to join in which reflected the influences of the first women’s film festival. The works of women directors’ around the world which be made between 1920 and 1974 were broadcasted and it was the major component in that festival. It maybe the first time for many audiences to enjoy women director’s films and their opinions for women may changed a lot after watching these movies.

Créteil International Women’s Film Festival is another early women festivals which be held in France from 1979. It pays attention to women’s artistic commitments and political and social achievements. (Wickman, 2012)Expect western women directors’ works, films made by Chinese, Indian, Malaysian also have achieved the award.


Aichi International Women’s Film Festival (AIWFF) and SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival(SIWFF)are two famous Asian women’s film festival. AIWFF was established in 1996 and SIWFF was set up in 1997, they are both devoted to promote the status for women in society and provide platforms for women around the world to do communication at the same time. As the film festival out of competition, they focus more about the push for women group including explore new female director, bring fresh women culture.

Actually, increasing number of famous film festival pay attention to women part no matter from women theme or women film makers. In Oscars, there are many awarded movies that related to women. Roman Holiday may be the earliest prize winner of the women film, in this movie, Princess Ann is shaped as a perfect woman which reflects the positive characters of women. Thelma and Louise is the representative work of feminism which shows the awakening of women awareness. The only awarded Chinese movie in Oscars: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, although it is a complicated story related to love and revenge, the female images in this movie are free, they are dare to against the patriarchic society and chase what they want.

As we can see, the film festival is no longer the platform for promoting movie itself, it has been the channel to express the political, cultural standpoints. Women’s Film Festival shows us female’s power and it encourages women to insist what they want to do.



Wickman, M 2012, ‘Top Women’s Film Festival’, Retrieved from:https://www.raindance.org/top-womens-film-festivals/

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