Where Should the International Film Festival Go in the Future?

The history of film festival dates could back to the 1930s. In 1932, Italy hosted the world’s first international film festival, the Venice Film Festival,in the 86 years since then, many countries have successively held their own international film festivals. The significance of the film festivals in recent years seems to be increasingly blurred. This can not help me to consider whether more and more film festivals can go further and further? Whether the traditional old-fashioned film festival can always follow the meaning of its existence.

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According to incomplete statistics, there are currently thousands of different types of international film festivals. The international film festival has also been given more and more meaning by contemporary people, carrying more and more tasks and values. For example, the emergence of the film festival has been going on for decades, and in the past few decades, science and technology have developed rapidly, and the channels of information dissemination have become wider and wider. With the popularity of the Internet, the film exhibition is no longer just a small circle of activities in the film industry. In today’s Internet age, the International Film Festival is more like a carnival for all. In this context, the impact and benefits that an international film festival can create are often greater and more influential. 


For example, there is an Asian film that was shortlisted at the 63rd Cannes International Film Festival, and won the 20th Tokyo Sports Film Festival“The Evil” is also called “All the Wicked Man”. This is a violent film directed by the famous Japanese director Kitano Takeshi in 2010. This film has the black humor style of the director of Kitano Takeshi. It has two sequels, and only the first representative one is discussed here. The first part of “The All Vulgar” is the film that entered the main competition unit of the 63rd Cannes International Film Festival. It mainly tells the story of the intrigue of the internal gang of the Japanese gangster “Shan Wanghui”. Although the narrative of this film is straightforward, there are not many suspense and complicated plots, but it truly restores the true look of the famous Japanese gangsters. It has a unique violent aesthetic of Kitano Takeshi, and it is also a bloody one. Restricted movie. 

ITALY VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2012Taking the movie “All the Wicked Man” as an example is not for discussing the film itself. From another perspective, the film opened its international popularity because it entered the main competition unit of the Cannes International Film Festival and what I want to discuss is actually a series of influences brought about by this famous movie.TB2DOM1vVmWBuNjSspdXXbugXXa_!!3841825859-0-item_pic.jpg

It is not difficult to find that a movie or an actor is now showing up in some major international film festivals, and their exposure and popularity will increase dramatically. 

In the film “All the Wicked Man”, the director conveyed to the audience a deep impression that there is no goodwill in the gang fight, there is no so-called loyalty, only black and black, everyone is  wicked for others, Fighting for their own interests, the term “all wicked people” has also evolved into a cultural symbol. Because of the widespread influence of this film, Chinese clothing manufacturers have taken a fancy to the cultural influence of this film, so the T-shirts with the “all wicked people” have been popular among Chinese teenagers, although now It has been ridiculed as a pseudo-fashion, it has brought huge profits to the clothing manufacturers.

There are still many examples of a series of chain effects caused by the widespread of a film. In today’s era of rapid information dissemination and pervasiveness, the international film festival and the international influence of a film, the actor’s popularity is inseparable. I have to say that the International Film Festival has been inseparable from some hidden interests so this interesting chain will continue to expand in the future development because the types and methods of information dissemination are also constantly improving, the impact of the festival. The force will only become wider and wider, and it will become more and more accessible to the public. In any case, I hope that a good films will last forever.

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