The sense of ritual in the festival

With the full expectation of the film festival, I came to the Kino cinema in the CBD of Melbourne to watch a groundbreaking 2D hand-drawn animated film. This is one of the few animated films in the Melbourne International Film Festival. Its animated style is fascinating and the story is more touching.

On Happiness Road tells the story of a young woman’s growth in Taiwan’s 30 years of social change, interspersed with the American life experience she once dreamed of, and finally ends with a return to her family to find a happy life. A good movie always seems to tell everyone’s common stories. For example, looking for the direction of happiness in life, this seems to be a life problem that everyone can’t escape. The unique cultural background of the film is enough to create new curiosity. The film involves some of the major events in Taiwan over the past three decades. These unique Taiwanese stories have been carefully woven into the growth of the heroine.


Born on the other side of the sea, the story of Taiwan is unknown and novel to me. Through this Melbourne International Film Festival, I was fortunate enough to see a small window, and my understanding of this special area has deepened.

Feel the harvest of the movie; don’t miss the moment that impressed me. I think this is the sense of ritual brought by the film festival. Compared to everyday film screenings, the film festival’s screening provides film lovers with the opportunity to enjoy a large number of classic films and a variety of new films. Because of the Melbourne International Film Festival, I have the opportunity to know Taiwan’s native animated films. Because of some political topics involved in it, I may have difficulty accessing such distinctive films elsewhere. After careful consideration and careful selection, the organizers and curators of the festival recommended outstanding films and new works from around the world to the audience, and created a whole ceremony, so that everyone has their own harvest and feelings. Through the film festival, the audience can see the development trend of the current movie, appreciate the latest achievements and concepts, and also relive the classic old movies in the new technology environment. This kind of ritual feeling, compared to watching movies at home, the audience can experience the concept and value of good movies. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the film literacy of the audience, which is conducive to the development of a better film culture.

The Melbourne International Film Festival has come to a successful conclusion, but I believe that the touch in life is still going on. Just like the theme of On Happiness Road: all happiness is an unfinished story, and where we need to continue to look for it in the future.

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