The International Film Festival – What can it Bring? (Part 2)

In addition to being a platform for global cultural exchanges, the international film festival is also a commercial platform. For example, the Cannes film festival, which does not fund films, but it can provide access and help filmmakers participate in the biggest film industry trade convention in the world (Valck, 2016,p.41). The Film festivals can realize information exchange, and film practitioners can grasp the industry dynamics through the film festival. International film festivals, especially those with a long history and world-renowned film festivals can directly or indirectly reflect the current development status, production orientation, competition models and industry drawbacks of the international film market.

In addition, The film festival can promote international cooperation and expand the film market. Valck (2016) points, “Cannes and other major international film festivals are about advancing the cinematic art and international collaboration, not so much among the film-producing nations nowadays but rather among the film industry professionals who come from many different corners of the world to attend the international film festivals”.


With the rapid development of the film market today, the market has turned to the exploration and cultivation of young directors. The film festival is a good platform to cultivate directors. In addition to the competition section, the international film festivals often set up the new filmmakers section and awards, which provide opportunities for new filmmakers to emerge. For example, the Shanghai International Film Festival, set up the ‘Asian New Talent Award’ in 2004 to encourage and recognize young filmmakers, to support bold innovation and artistic exploration and to help them enter the industry and complete more mature works. Nansun SHI, president of the jury for Asian New Talent Award, said: “Any industry must have newcomers joining in to thrive. The newcomers in the film industry are the future and hope of film.” Young filmmakers have the opportunity to showcase themselves and their films through the film festival. They can also exchange their views and ideas with excellent directors and expand opportunities for cooperation with film practitioners. For film directors, the film festival cannot only play a role in enhancing their popularity but also finding a source of funds for them. So as Valck said the idea that if a film must be funded in some special way can benefit from the International Film Festival (Valck, 2016, P41).


The film festival we prepared ourselves found many excellent short films and also invited the directors of these short films to come to our film festival. Surprisingly, some filmmakers are willing to apply for a visa and fly to Melbourne to attend our film festival at their own expense. For these directors, although our film festival is not a very famous film festival, it is still a professional platform to promote their works, and also an occasion for professional communication. Valck said that why film festivals are important, because often showing great films at film festivals is a key reason, and another reason is that it offers the possibility of sharing experiences with others (Valck, 2016,p.24).


Valck d, M & Kredell, B & Loist S 2016, Film Festivals: History, Theory, Method, Practice, Routledge.

2018 Shanghai International Film &TV Festival, “New” Stars Shines at the Asian New Talent Award Ceremony, viewed 15 September 2018,




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