The film festival network in Melbourne

There are so many different kinds of film festivals held in Melbourne annually. For example, the most famous one is the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). It has become the world’s largest annual showcase of Australian films, attracting the world’s best filmmakers and creating new jobs in Australia’s creative economy. In that period of time, audiences can have a soft spot for Korean action films, Outback thrillers, Polish horror, or French New Wave and so on. On the other hand, more specific film festivals would be held every year. It might depend on different cultural backgrounds, the Korean Film Festival and the Japan Film Festival (JFF), the Indian Film Festival in Australia are good cases. It also can be divided into various film types, Melbourne Indie Film Festival and Melbourne Documentary Film Festival are film festivals which are only focused on one type of film. Importantly, some film festivals are held to fight with human right, racism or feminism, to let people more aware of those hot issues. Melbourne Queer Film Festival is strong evidence. It has a long history because it has held for 27 years. Many filmmakers and film organizations have always devoted themselves to this battle of love in this film festival, realizing a transformation from humanistic care to artistic norms. Due to the fact that the voice of one is used as the voice of all and then you have a problem. These kinds of film festivals enable to solve this problem to some extent. In my views, the logo of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival has a good attraction and impression. Since the logo not only integrate all the Capital letters into the pattern but also shows the symbol organ of both male and female. All elements are cover good. It shows a deep thought of gender integration and equality. Finally, love wins. The parliament of Australia has passed the homosexual marriage act, making it the 23rd country where commit the homosexual marriage all over the world. Because the screen is already iridescent, thousands of people stand up and embrace together, letting love cross the mountains and rivers.


Melbourne is not only famous for its high rank in the most livable city in the world, but also is a cultural capital city in Australia. There are so many different kinds of cultural activities held in almost every part of Melbourne, Victoria every month every year. Those three kinds of film festivals build a strong connection network of Melbourne’s film activities. (It also included all the cinemas in Melbourne). These film festivals are covered by different cultural backgrounds or different film types. Because Melbourne has become a melting pot accommodating residents from various cultures around the world so that different film festivals on nations are flexible to all audiences, and the people who live in Melbourne can feel cozy and respect. Different types of film festivals offer new bounties for audiences to discover. Moreover, film festivals in Australia work hard to grow the domestic screen industry.

writer: ShiWei Zhang

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