My volunteer experience at 51th Golden Horse Awards

Holding a film festival, especially those large-scale competition-style film festivals, requires enormous manpower in addition to financial resources. In this case, in addition to the staff of the organizer, a large number of volunteers will be recruited to serve the film screenings and awards ceremony. Volunteers refer to the film festival, the common scope of work includes ticket checking, screening, VIP reception and so on. The festival may also recruit volunteers in batches based on different positions.

My first film festival tour was at the 51st Golden Horse Film Festival in Taipei. Because the director Lou Ye’s “Blind Massage” was screening there. At the same time, I was also fortunate to have a special volunteer experience at the awards ceremony of the 51st Golden Horse Film Festival. I took a close look at how the award ceremony worked.


All awards ceremony began with a red carpet, so did the Golden Horse Awards. In the initial red carpet session, some volunteers went to the red carpet and others stayed in the awards hall. I was responsible for staying in the hall to guide the guests. In addition to me, there are three other volunteers with me. We are responsible for the corresponding areas of the four different entrances. During the red carpet, there were continuous guests entering the hall, and the on-site staff also adjusted the stage lighting and audio equipment. In the nearly two hours before the start of the ceremony, there was nothing left to help the guests other than finding the seat or informing the location of the toilet.


When the auditorium was gradually filled, it means that the award ceremony was about to begin. In the meanwhile, the second wave of volunteer work would also begin. Before the official live broadcast of the ceremony, there was still a period of advertising. In addition to guiding the flow of guests and reminding guests of the remaining time before the live broadcast, it was also very important to count the number of people, that is, to confirm whether someone was seated in the seating area that the camera would take. Some performers or awarding guests were preparing in the background. At this time, their seats were empty. So some volunteers need to sit in the seats of the guests to prevent the camera from photographing an empty seat (A volunteer I know sat on Director Hou Hsiao-hsien’s seat the whole ceremony, which was next to actress Gwei Lun-me). And my task was to control the flow of people during the advertising breakaway, that is, to open and close the door during each advertising period. During the live broadcast, no one was allowed to enter or leave the hall.


Although the work of volunteers was actually very simple, it was a great opportunity to experience the operation of the festival. At the same time, in this experience, I also knew many people who love movies, and also have the opportunity to meet a lot of “big man” in the film industry.

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