Movie marathon tour

It was a very normal night. When I thought about it for a long time with my friends, we finally decided to go to this year’s MIFF’s overnight marathon. The first reason for thinking about this for a long time is that the movie marathon takes a very long time, may send us all night, we will find it hard to stick to it. The second reason is that we are not a fanatic of Nicholas Cage. But in the fresh sense of having never participated in this type of film festival, we decided to feel the movie marathon.
The movie Marathon is located in The Astor theatre, a very retro theatre that often hosts movie marathons. The marathon started at 9:30 in the evening. The weather was really cold that day. Many people arrived very early, bringing some warm blankets, pillows or something like that. Because the theater is very old, the chair is very uncomfortable, and we have no experience, so after we sat down, we regretted not taking blankets and pillows. On that night, I watched seven films by Nicholas Cage, including MANDY, RAISING ARIZONA, RED ROCK WEST, VAMPIRE’S KISS, WICKER MAN, DRIVE ANGRY, CON AIR. Many people are fans of Nikola Cage, and in order to meet the atmosphere of the night, the staff also sent a mask to Cage at the door, the whole atmosphere is quite good. Another interesting thing is that the staff at the opening of a film festival wore a very cute pajama for cow clothes, and the staff briefly introduced Cage. All the people watching the movie were very enthusiastic. People screamed and whistled all night, and even stood up when they saw excitement. Some of the 7 films are good, but some are not very good. Basically, when the film is shown, everyone laughs, screams, whistle, and screams. When they put in the boring film, everyone falls asleep. The whole environment is very comfortable, like gathering with a group of friends to watch a favorite thing.
But insisting that at 7 o’clock in the morning, my friends and I have not been conscious, and the entire theater has gone mostly, but there are still many people who insist on the end.

Through this film festival marathon, I feel that we can do similar activities in this film festival, not only very interesting but also more prominent the theme. However, there are some regrets that we may not have such a large scale as the Melbourne Film Festival. It may be difficult to do it, but I think we have other similar activities that can be held so that the entire film festival not only plays movies but also more interesting. The activities are added to add more fun to the festival. I also deeply understand how difficult it is to hold a film festival, not only to select good movies but also to design a lot of activities related to movies. It also requires a lot of efforts and cooperation from behind-the-scenes staff.

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