More and more film festivals, fewer and fewer good movies

by Jin Wang

Because of  a huge market with Chinese box office,various film festivals are also gradually increasing. However, today’s Chinese Film Festival is not only good and bad mixed up but also dying. Take the Golden Rooster Award as an example (known as the Oscar of China). Since the first session, there has been a tradition of producing double prizes. One of the “Best Feature Films” actually produced three winners. And as the first international film festival in China- Shanghai International Film Festival has also seen a similar situation. As the Chinese film industry authority, the professional film awards selection mechanism gradually became friendship first, the competition second.

图片 1

          Golden Rooster Award

The Changchun International Film Festival, one of the four major film festivals in China, is pursuing the popularization of film culture and the economic and trade activities. The film that should have been the soul of the film festival has turned into a tool for economic and trade exchanges. In this angle, the human relationship and business value are greater than the film itself, a film festival enters a virtuous circle, and finally it is difficult to truly present the style and character of a film festival. Discover films and Find audiences seems not  significance for film festival in china. The situation of more and more film festivals, fewer and fewer good movies is becoming increasingly obvious。

But how to operate can make the film festival stand out and change the phenomena?

 In my personal opinion, Clear positioning is very important. The participating films should be the best films in the director’s works. The judges need to have the artist’s vision and mind. Under the premise of watching the film, all the winners should be drawn up after no absentee group discussion. The organizer learns the venture capital system, volunteer system and visual system of the excellent film festival, And gradually establish your own system architecture.

Secondly, to survive, but not to drift. Always being the best way for young directors to enter the movie market, let the filmmakers can touch the movie here, is the foundation of all capital inflows. we can’t lose our heart for business reasons. do not become short-sighted, profit-seeking, and be able to hold on to the most realistic voice in the heart. Even the road is long and the thorns are everywhere.

Last and as the common problem faced by other Chinese film festivals is that although there are many items, there is no real film festival culture. it is a good way to strengthen the popularization and promotion of relevant knowledge of the film festival, and let more ordinary audience enter the film festival theater.

 I believe that there will be attractive and inspiring audiences’ movies and film festivals in China. China will one day have its own outstanding and unique film festival culture. And More and more good movies and film festivals will appearing in our field of vision in the future.

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