KOFFIA-Mature film festival operation

Just few days ago, I attended the 9th Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA) which hosted in Melbourne. In fact, the KOFFIA is returning film festival. It runs from August 9 to September though Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra. The Korean Film Festival in Melbourne held near Flinder Street station in ACMI and it is very friendly for audience to watch films.


Poster of KOFFIA

Since I’ve attended MIFF before, here’s a simple comparison. First of all, in terms of the audiences targeted by these two festivals, MIFF has a wider audience than KOFFIA because of the selection rules. MIFF shows documentaries, literary films and so on, while KOFFIA shows almost all Korean films. That’s probable a little more people in MIFF’s theaters than KOFFIA’s. (based on my experience at both festivals). In the theaters of KOFFIA, I feel like most people are speaking Korean. As for booking experience, both of two festivals’ booking process are almost same, but the difference between these two official websites is that KOFFIA website design more concise and beautiful. Audience who want to see a movie can get much more information in advance, which is related to the content of the film, trailers, etc. However, some film’s contents of are not complete yet, which may need some improvement. In addition, one point needs to be mentioned is the location problem. MIFF’s venue is not fixed, which may be inconvenient for those who watch more than one movie. And the venue of the 9th Korean Film Festival in Melbourne is just held in ACMI, so it is very convenient.

However, it is precisely because of the different Settings of different film festivals that the point of audience attraction for each film festival can be unique. In KOFFIA, a place for cultural consumption is provided for those who want to understand Korean culture and in Korea abroad, while MIFF is Build an enlightened, engaged society through film.

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