Film festival helps audience understand documentary more deeply

Documentary is one of the important parts of the film industry. However, at the beginning, I deemed that this kind of film is a little boring and make people feel exhausted cause there are rare exciting plots in it and you need to spend more than two hours to watch it. This thought has been changed after I took a class about how to make a documentary several months ago. Besides this, the Melbourne film festival also gives me a new view of film industry, broaden my horizons and I benefited a lot from it.

According to Nichols(2010) demonstrated that “documentary film has brought a fresh eye to the events of the world and it has told stories, with verve and imagination and awaken new possibilities.” This sentence seems quite simple, however, you cannot understand it deeply unless you devote yourself to do it. I took a class named film making several months ago and in this way can I get a chance to know more about what the documentary is and I realize that it is too difficult to make a successful documentary.

As the producer, you need to overcome all the difficulties and solve the problems. At the beginning, we plan to apply some visual effect when we finish it, however, we finally decided to present the real picture and in that way can we make the documentary more persuasive. Just as Nichols(2010) claimed that documentaries are about reality and they are about something that actually happened. What’s more, although the process of shooting is not easy, we still find that this kind of film also has it own unique elements. This experience influences me a lot and I am interested in documentary later. Therefore, I also choose a documentary in this Melbourne film festival.

The Melbourne film festival provides public a great opportunity to keep in touch with variety kinds of movies and it also can give you new perspectives about film. The “undermined: tales from the kimberley” is one of the typical documentary. It mainly talks about the traditional owner want to protect their lands and culture. The most important and useful part to me is that the Q&A with the film’s director and producer.

The audience can receive professional viewpoint about this film. The director also highlight that the core of documentary is reality and you cannot introduce new and unverifiable ones. They also talk about their own feeling about Kimberly and picture it to the audience. I still remember that the producer said “all we want to show is what is the real Kimberly and what is the real situation now and what’s really happened there. ” They did it. You should not only concern about the film itself but also what happened behind the film. According to this meaningful section, the audience will get close with the film and understand it more deeply. I believed that the film festival is also the unique place to let you see another side of film.


Nichols, Bill. “How Can We Define Documentary Film?.” Introduction to documentary (2010): 1-41.

Nichols, Bill. “What makes documentaries engaging and persuasive?.” Introduction to documentary (2010)

from: xiao bao

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