Believer and Korean crime films

Believer is an adaptative movie which is different from the details of the story described in the original and it will not be compared here. The thread of the movie is about the police to arrest drug traffickers. Cho Jin-woong acted the police Soo-jung as “revenger”. “Mr.Lee” in the movie murdered Soo-jung’s informant and provoked in public, even as a police Soo-jung can’t stand the insult, so the beginning of the story start from here.


Poster of Believer

South Korean crime films typically use opposite scenes of revenge

Actually, this aspect is quite obvious in the film. The police want to revenge “Mr.Lee”, while “Mr.Lee” wants to utilize the police to revenge “Brian-Mr.Lee”. Through the contradiction between different characters, the film is more three-dimensional. Although the means of presentation is very simple and clear, the visual impact is still strong. For example, they used eyeballs to soak the wine and grill the scene of the living people, and show the mixed emotions of blood violence and humanity in a very depressing atmosphere.

However, Soo-jung’s role is a little different from previous south Korean crime dramas. I supposed that the end of the story would be the success of Mr.Lee’s revenge and escape, which seems as a way of expressing distrust of public power but the police finally found Mr.Lee, with an open and evocative ending.

Extreme personas

In South Korean crime films, the three most common images are a partially negative image of public power, a perpetrator and a tragic family relationship, and Believer is no exception. The boss of Soo-jung, a representative of public power, announced to the public that Mr.Lee had been arrested, but the audience knew that the real Mr.Lee was still at large. Villains are also very obvious: wild, elegant and timid Brian-Lee and the quiet as well as cruel Mr Lee. The description of family relationships in the movie more is for the drama series, “Mr. Lee” choose revenge because mother was killed in the plant explosion. This method is more likely to strengthen criminal drama tragedy, in order to gain audiences’ sympathy and empathy.

As for the end of the film I would like to talk about, the final shot, who was dead, I believe that every audience has their own understanding. Personally speaking, the identity of “Mr.Lee” has become so blurred that anyone can put on a mask and become a devil.


Official website of KFFIA- Believer:

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