As a volunteer in Beijing college student film festival

Beijing college student film festival is one of famous activities in Beijing in the spring of the year. In 2016, I once got great opportunity to take participate in the 23th Beijing college student film festival. I studied in Beijing institute of fashion Technology University and my major is advertisement.At that year, my tutor’s friend who worked for Beijing college film festival offered 5 students a chance to help them make the creative advertisements which will be used for propaganda work. I am the lucky one of them.


At the beginning, I didn’t know the details about this activity or in other words I know seldom about film festival. My first thought about it was the superstar and I may have the chance get close with them. Actually, Beijing college student film festival is one of the biggest film festivals in china and it first held was in 1993. The special point of it was all the sections would relevant to college students which means that college students also have the rights to vote for the movies and numbers of films are directed and produced by college students. This is a unique character of it which make it different when compare with other film festivals.

As a volunteer in this film festival, I benefited a lot from it. First of all, I gained professional work experience from it after I participate in it. It is very useful for the future career. Advertising is any of various method used by companies to promote their brand or increase sales. It is one of the important parts of marketing. Making the advertisements for the film festival need professional skills on some office work and unique characters. This can be seemed as a challenge but also a training opportunity. Secondly, it is a great experience to keep in touch with directors and producers whom can provide useful information and different angles about movies. You can get more details about the movie and I was luckily to have opportunity to communicate with one of the directors. This conversation broaden my mind and let me know more about the processing of Beijing college student film festival. Thirdly, it also can improve communication skills. All the volunteers also need to have the ability to translate. On the day of opening night and closing night, there also have some foreign audience and the volunteers need to translate for them in order to they can understand what’s going on. In this way, I also can improve communication skills and have chance to communicate with foreigners.

Attending Beijing college student film festival and as a volunteer to work for it was really an exciting experience. I will never forget the time I worked for it.

From: xiao bao

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