Too Many Film Festivals? A Problem In The Future?

When looking at Film festivals today, we have a wide variety of film festivals that people can go through. When just looking at the number of upcoming film festivals that are present here in Melbourne, We have Film Festivals such as the Czech and Slovak Film Festival to more niche festivals such as a film festival dedicated for people who are interested in watching Marvel movies.

Thus the question I would like to raise for everyone is simple. Is there currently too many film festivals and if so, what kind of problems can we expect when multiple film festivals run at the same time in a single location or city.

One of the main issues that having multiple film festivals running at the same time can cause is that certain films that a certain film festival may want to use might be taken by another film festival and as a result, cannot be shown.

This happened to the Korean Film Festival as they were just after the Melbourne International Film Festival and as a result, made it complicated when it came to creating their film schedule.

“A few of the Korean films that we wanted were shown at MIFF and as a result we cannot show them because it’s too recent and kinda pointless for the audience to see again,” Festival Director Joel Park explained as while the Korean Film Festival tries to present the most well known and current films, MIFF tends to get the hottest Korean films because of how big MIFF is.

Another issue and one that I would like to ask is that if we have multiple film festivals running at the same time, can these film festivals run at the same time together? When you look at events such as Cannes and the Sundance Film Festivals, they are not only big spectacles that draw the eyes, they also attract a lot of attention from sponsors and people who wish to show their movies there.

However one of the issues as a result of running these gigantic Film festivals is that they have diminished the impact of smaller film festivals and may raise expectations that all film festivals must be as big as Cannes or Sundance to be considered successful.

The reality of Film Festivals is that not all film festivals will become as big like Cannes and a majority of film festivals are rather small scale and niche and as a result, are difficult to be as big in the first place.

At the end of the day, while having more film festivals may allow more and more people to become interested in film festivals in general, there’s a danger that an oversaturation of film festivals may lead to people becoming disinterested as a result.

And this is the question I would like to leave for everyone in this blog. Do you believe that there is such a thing as too many film festival and explain why you either agree or disagree with this notion?


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