The Sundance film festival


Before talking about Sundance film festival, I want to introduce a conception of independent films. Everyone who is familiar with the film industry knows that the conception of independent films originated in Hollywood in the middle of the last century, at that time Hollywood was monopolized by the so-called “eight major studios” and the operation of a film production follows a rigorous “producer system”. This “producer system” is aimed squarely at the market and with the purpose of creating maximize profit, therefore although the producer system brings a lot of value to the film industry, it also limits the filmmakers to large extent. Under this circumstance, a group of filmmakers in order to get rid of the control of “eight major film companies”, they began to raise funds by themselves, wrote their own scripts and been directors. Since that these filmmakers made many thoughtful films that were completely different from commercial films, and were called by audiences as “independent films”. Roger albert, an American film critic, pointed that the independent films can be thought of as a film which are made outside the traditional Hollywood film industry, they often with unconventional funding and designed to express the director’s personal ideas rather than pursuing individual success at the box office. Independent film director Nancy savaka also declared: “independent film is actually a way of thinking. I used to think its biggest characteristic was how to raise the founds, however now I realized that the definition or characteristic regarding independent films are defined by the way you tell your story and your personal perspective.”


The origination with regard to Sundance film festival can be went back to 1981, Robert Redford aims to increase the artistic diversity with regard to American film industry, therefor he compose a discussion with his colleges and friends in Sundance of Utah with the aim of achieving this purpose. Finally they established the Sundance film research institutewhich aim to support and cultivate the new film directors as well as scriptwriter. The Sundance film research institute also support and help feature film and documentaries to participate in domestic and international film festivals.

The Sundance film festival is dedicated to cultivate and support independent filmmakers and its impact has become increasingly important in recent years.The original intension of Sundance film festival is encouraging low-budget Indies films. The festival represents a different purpose from Hollywood films. The Sundance film festival is organized by the Sundance institute, a 25-member organization. The Sundance institute is a nonprofit company and now it has an annual budget of $10 million, of which 35% is earned by the institute itself and 65% is donated income. The institute sponsors more than 400 filmmakers in their creation every year and sponsors more than 20,000 people to attend the Sundance film festival.

The independent film festival plays a significant role in whole film industry. To some extent, the exist of independent film expands the diversity of film type, in other words film festival like Sundance bring a lot of thought-provoking films to audience and it also provide the filmmakers a new platform to express their ideal, to accomplish their dream.

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