The Significance of Film Festival ——Cannes Film Festival as an Example

The film festival was born in 1932. It is an activity to promote the development of film art and improve the artistic level of the film. At the same time, it is also to reward valuable and creative films, promote exchanges and cooperation between filmmakers, and provide convenience for the development of film trade. In film festivals, various awards are usually established and rewards should be given to those who have achieved. In recent years, the film festival has received more and more people’s attention. The big film festival affects even the whole world. The most famous three international film festivals in Europe include the Venice Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Berlin Film Festival.
The existence of the festival has an important meaning. Participating in the festival is also an important part of people’s cultural life. For investors, attending a film festival means to find good projects to invest. For actors and directors, the festival could increase exposure, expand its popularity, and get more opportunities to work. For the general audience, participating in the film festival can enjoy more outstanding works, have a deeper understanding of art, and also enrich their lives. Many large film festivals, such as the Cannes Film Festival, have more projects, more opportunities, and a wider audience.
The Cannes International Film Festival founded in 1946, is the most influential and top international film festival in the world. It is held every year in mid-May for a period of about 12 days. It usually opens on Wednesday and closes on Sundays every other week. Since its inception, the Cannes Film Festival has been dedicated to promoting the development of the film festival, revitalizing the world film industry and providing a stage for the world. In addition to adhering to the original intention of the festival, the festival is also ready to receive new conceptual ideas. In the past few decades, the film festival has been progressing on the basis of retaining its core values. They are committed to discovering talented people in the film industry and creating a platform for communication and creation for the film festival.
The importance of the Cannes Film Festival is obvious, as 70% of the world’s high-quality films can be seen in the festival because, in two weeks, the film has attracted the attention of the world. The Cannes Film Festival provides a springboard for art films to enter the market, as the market tends to accept Hollywood blockbusters, which will inspire the attention of film distributors, allowing viewers to see some non-commercial films. The Cannes Film Festival provides a platform for independent directors to develop. Jean Pierre, one of the Belgian directors who won the Golden Palm Award for two Dardennes, told the Liberation Daily an incredible story. In 2005, their film “Children” won the Palme d’Or. He gave the gold medal to Florence Aubenas, a former liberation reporter who was missing in Iraq. After his release, Obernaus told him that the Iraqi who guarded her told her that the film festival was held that day. They all talked about her. Jean Pierre said that even in smoke-filled Iraq, people watched the Cannes Film Festival on TV.

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