The most artistic festival in the world – Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival, as one of the three major European film festivals, has received numerous attention since its birth. The Cannes Film Festival has won the title of “the most literary and artistic film festival in the world” because of its profound historical background and perseverance in artistic films. In the late 1930s, the French film industry was dissatisfied with the promotion of fascist films at the Berlin Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival. From this perspective, the birth of the Cannes Film Festival is artistic and romantic. Although the film festival was stopped after the Second World War. But after the end of World War II, the film festival was still upheld. Though encountered many difficulties and problems in the middle, it was officially named the Cannes Film Festival in 2002.


Asians, especially Chinese, they learned about the Cannes Film Festival through a Chinese film called Farewell My Concubine. The movie won the Golden Palm Award in 1993. Personally, I also knew about the Cannes Film Festival since I watched the film first and then looked at the awards.


Today, when we see the winners of the Cannes Film Festival, we still appreciate the recognition and support of the Cannes Film Festival in the situation of growing influence in commercial films. Films with high artistic value, such as The Thieves Family, Liberty Square, can be promoted through the Cannes Film Festival.

The Cannes Film Festival’s insistence on art is determined by the soul. In this semester’s study, we can learn that the attitudes of filmmakers, audiences and governments in a region determine the characteristics of a regional film festival. For example, the Pusan Film Festival in South Korea, where new directors can be shown, and the Shanghai International Film Festival, where different cultures can be displayed to learn from each other. It’s all decided by the different attitudes of filmmakers. As we all know, France is the paradise of art films. People who know the history of world movies should know that the “The French New Wave” began in the 1960s. Unlike traditional film shooting, the New Wave Movement advocates individuation and emphasizes lyricism. This way of performance opened the second popularity of modernism films in Europe.


For the insistence on art, the transition from French film to the Cannes Film Festival held in France. Therefore, as one of the most famous movies in Europe, the Cannes Film Festival, which represents the art, is always compared with the Oscars. But in my opinion, there is no comparison between the two. The Oscars are for American filmmakers, and the Cannes Film Festival is for all the best movies in the world. The former pays more attention to the success of commercialization, and the latter prefers the progress of art. Filmmakers who want to attend the Cannes International Film Festival want their work to be artistically recognized rather than to bring economic benefits to themselves.

The Cannes International Film Festival has produced numerous artistic films, bringing different ideas to the film industry, which now values short-term economic benefits. Art films have also made the Cannes Film Festival a success, allowing it to continue to occupy a major position in the European Film Festival by virtue of the “Paradise of Art Films”. This win-win mode is what the new emerging Film Festival wants to learn for a long time.

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