The Meaning of Film Festival

Both professional filmmakers and film industry enthusiasts are full of yearning and awe for the festival. Behind the bright stage of the film festival, many staff members silently sweat. Every year, the festival collects hundreds of films, tens of thousands more. Such a huge auditing project for the festival officials will spend a lot of energy, but also to place more hope on the filmmakers.

However, there are still many filmmakers full of doubts about the festival, the significance of participating in the festival is uncertain, the following small edition of a brief summary of the explanation.

1. The concept of Film Festival: Film Festival was born on August 6, 1932. It is an activity to promote the art of film and improve the level of film art. It is also aimed at rewarding valuable and creative films, promoting communication and cooperation among film workers, and providing a convenient and peaceful development for the development of film trade.

2, there are more than 5000 movie festivals in the world. Among them, there are 15 category A film festivals, the most famous of which are the three major European International Film festivals: Berlin International Film Festival [Germany], Cannes International Film Festival [France], Venice International Film Festival [Italy], the other 12 are the Caroville International Film Festival [Czechoslovakia] and Locarno International Film Festival [Switzerland].


Moscow International Film Festival [Russia], Montreal International Film Festival [Canada], San Sebastian International Film Festival [Spain], Tokyo International Film Festival [Japan], Cairo International Film Festival [Egypt], Shanghai International Film Festival [China], Matabrata International Film Festival [Argentina], Warsaw International Film Festival [Poland], India International Film Festival [India], Tallinn International Film Festival [Estonia].


There are about 300 international film festivals approved by the International Film Producers Association and with high quality. These festivals can be roughly divided into 3 categories.

Category B competition special film festival, such a festival highlights a specific theme.

Category C non competition Film Festival, such film festival does not award awards, mainly screened the selected national films.

Type D is mainly documentary and short films.

3. The significance of the festival: for the director to participate in the film to gain fame, box office; for the actors to walk on the red carpet, improve exposure, and so on, it is the added value of the festival, but also to give the participants the best response. The most important thing about shadow Festival is to provide a platform. This platform is fair and open, can display the elegant demeanor of different film works, discover and tap the potential of people, things, things, in order to promote the whole industry towards a positive direction.

4. If the filmmakers attend the festival for the purpose of communication, to be examined and discussed, that is the best. The filmmaker does not want to feel that he is just running for a few magnesia, in order to deal with the fame, in fact, to participate in the festival is to mature the industry in the contribution of their talent and enthusiasm.

5, the Chinese film industry is on the rise and needs to keep learning. Colleagues also need more attention. In the context of cultural differences, how to strive for more and more appropriate international attention and self-examination, so as to take a big step on the road to maturity, participate in the festival to participate in overseas exhibitions, is the most direct way.

6. Importance of the film market: There is also an important link to participate in the film festival, is the cultural industry to enter the overseas market. This is also being watched by more and more investors, many films without distribution channels can find buyers or venture capital funds. Film festivals are platforms that give filmmakers what they want, and film festivals require filmmakers to provide what they want.

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