The carnival of student movies——Beijing College Student Film Festival

In 1993, the Beijing College Student Film Festival (BCSFF) was established. The annual event was organized by Beijing Normal University and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television. The tenet of the BCSFF was ‘Youth Passion, Academic Taste, and Cultural Consciousness’. At the present time, the BCSFF is the most influential Chinese youth film festival. The most significant is that the BCSFF adhered to focus on college students and build their ability for hosting an professional film festivals.


The 25th Beijing College Student Film Festival

The event was organized by college students, taking college students as the main audience and the college students were served as film judges to select outstanding film works which was aiming to encourage students with film ideals to shoot high-quality film works. In the past 25 years, a total of 6,566 domestically produced films have been exhibited on the BCSFF, 377 films have been awarded which provided a unique ideological and cultural spirit for millions of college students. In the whole process of the film festival, there are many parts that are of great value and meaningful. Taking the 25th BCSFF 2018 as the example, it presented in April 2018 but began to plan in October 2017. In December 2017, the executive department of the 25th BCSFF Organizing Committee was set to advertise, recruit student staff and volunteers and other preparatory work. The 3-week 25th BCSFF will also hold various forms of selection, screening, seminars and exchanges throughout the country. On opening ceremony, there was a special talk held by college students to communicate with famous film performing artists, directors. The closing ceremony of the BCSFF was held at the Beijing Olympic Sports Center on 6 May 2018 and the closing ceremony was broadcasted live by the famous movie channel CCTV-6, all the awards of the domestic film competition unit were announced on this channel.


The 25th BCSFF was opened by film THE LOST LAND

The film festival set up a student competition unit, which includes the original student film competition and the university youth script creative competition. Young people from all over China can participate in the competition. The entries are strictly selected by professional judges composed of industry experts, senior scholars, young teachers and professionals. In the 25th BCSFF, the main competition unit collects nearly 300 domestically produced films, more than 4,000 original student-made original works for the original student film competition, more than 600 copies of the scripts for the university youth script creative competition. The BCSFF provided bonus for the award-winner and results of the awards were announced at the closing ceremony.


Famous actress YangMi in the 25th BCSFF Award Ceremony

For many young college students who love filming, the film festival is a platform where is full of many possibilities. As long as their work is attractive enough, it is highly probable that on this occasion, they will have different chances to get contact with professionals such as outstanding directors, producers in the film industry. Furthermore, if their movie is appreciated by investors, they may receive considerable commercial investment to help them enter the film market.,



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