The Berlin spring in mandarin films

If you want to say ‘the huge changes’ that took place at the Berlin Film Festival today, nothing can be more obvious than its “sudden love” for Chinese films.


The number of Chinese movies is much higher than in the past, reaching as many as 12 pieces. In addition to the competition unit’s Black Coal, Tuina and No Man’s Zone, there is also the That Demon Within directed by Lin Chaoxian and the director of Chen Guo’s Lost on a Red Minibus to Taipo, Zhuo Li’s The Rice Bomber, and the main competition unit judge Liang Chaowei is also an important Chinese element. On the list of the first-tier sponsors of the Berlin Film Festival, Chinese brands have also appeared.

These screenings showcase the diversity of contemporary Chinese films. That Demon Within shows the trend of stylization of Hong Kong police films in recent years. The Rice Bomber has maintained a certain feature of Taiwanese movies, that is, no matter what serious social issues are discussed, and don’t forget to add a small freshness to the film. Ice Poison is not a crime film. It is about the cruel life of men and women in the troubled world in Myanmar. I am afraid that only in a foreign country, Taiwanese directors can find space to tell the sad song of this ‘big age.’ Zone Pro Site is to eat, the film itself is also a delicious small restaurant. The slow walking of Li Kangsheng and De Ni Lawan on the streets of Paris in Cai Mingliang’s Journey to the West is a video recording of performance art, and there is no lack of cinematic feeling. It seems boring, but there are so many interesting details under gaze, of course, beware of falling asleep. Chen Guo’s long-formed Lost on a Red Minibus to Taipo tells the story of a group of silk civilians abandoned by time in Hong Kong. There are many heavy and funny things. The bridge section is mainly based on suspense style, but as an audience, there are multiple curiosities that are evoked by the movie. At the end of the film, how loud the mother is. Yes, it did not give any answer, Chen Guo said that he would have money to make a sequel. Ghost Day is a film about family planning and humanity. It is a reality that is not unusual in China today. With the cold temperament, it is chilling. Einstein and Einstein can be said to be the best movie of Cao Baoping. It tells the cruel youth of a good student. It explores the spiritual violence of the name of love and takes a new depth of the “Youth Film” of the mainland. The other ‘Youth Film’ and Night are even more different. This film was selected by Jia Zhangke, Nian, and Zhang Xianmin for the “Drawing New Director’s Supporting Plan” and sent to Berlin. Youth is dirty in this movie. And sweet, Zhou Hao, a junior student, self-directed and self-directed, between the poor streets and the fighting room, using the simple story of two men and one woman engaged in sex industry.


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