Taking the Cannes Film Festival as an example to talk about the marketing mode of Film Festival.

A film festival, as a platform for demonstrating the achievements of film to the public, promoting the understanding of film for the general public and promoting the development of film industry, needs to be known by more people. Therefore, even if there is a certain regional characteristic of the film festival, will also carry out worldwide marketing and publicity. We should expand our influence, be understood and supported by more people, and gain some economic benefits. At the same time, the development of streaming media for the promotion of the festival has a strong impetus, no matter in which country, where, can rely on the media to participate in the whole festival process. Therefore, the promotion of Film Festival has also become an important part of the success of a film festival.

As an art European Film Festival with a long history, Cannes Film Festival has always been relatively outstanding in terms of publicity and marketing. These points should not be overlooked.

Media promotion
The Cannes Film Festival has always been a benchmark for media promotion. Not only the European market, but the organizers have not overlooked America, Asia, two fast-growing emerging regions. In terms of media means, it is not only a single newspaper, magazine publicity, but also broadcast, television advertising. After streaming media appears, add network video, advertisement to publicize. Multifaceted raise the awareness of film festivals in people’s minds.

Public relations to help to establish the brand image
Every time before the Cannes Film Festival, the government invites the media and films from various countries to come to Cannes for various activities. The media can interview all the staff participating in the film in Cannes. Meanwhile, the Cannes Film Festival was also exhibited in the film. Participating films will also publicize the Cannes Film Festival when they promote themselves.

Advertisers’ publicity
Traditionally, the festival’s profits depend mainly on the box office of the participating films. But as the market develops, major brands are also looking to the Cannes Film Festival, which has attracted more and more attention. A series of European luxury brands like Paris L’Oreal and George Armani began sponsoring the Cannes Film Festival and promoting their brands at the festival. Similar to the film publicity, the brand will also promote the Cannes Film Festival in self-publicity, to achieve a win-win effect.


Professional online image building
Due to geographical constraints, most of the people concerned about the Cannes Film Festival watch and understand the process of the festival through different media means. Therefore, the Cannes film season has created a complete brand image on the Internet for publicity. The Cannes Film Festival has beautifully made websites. The website has all the information about the participating films, and the guests who participate in the activities are introduced. At the same time, viewers can also interact with the Organizing Committee on the website and put forward their views on the festival. Relying on the Internet, the brand image has been molded.

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These marketing tools support the Cannes Film Festival in becoming an art paradise while maintaining certain economic benefits, it is worth learning from all who want to know.


Celik Rappas, Ipek A. “Corporeal Violence in Art-House Cinema: Cannes 2009.” Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, vol. 30, no. 6, Dec. 2016, pp. 670-678. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/10304312.2016.1186601.

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