Small But Holding On, Korean Film Festival In Australia Review

The Korean Film Festival is an annual event held all throughout Australia where various films from Korea are shown in various locations in Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne. This year the Korean Film Festival took place at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and had 22 films available for the general public to view ranging from big productions to indie films and covers various genres such as drama and action.

This lines up with the goal that the Korean Film Festival sets every year which is, “to present a cinematic experience for people of all tastes, ages and cultural backgrounds.” However the Korean Film Festival is one of the smaller festivals, taking place after the Melbourne International Film Festival.

This is reflected by the size of the Film festival itself as with only a small booth inside the ACMI building itself, you would have not known that it was on at that moment other than by hearing it from word of mouth or by viewing it on their website.

Despite the size, the film selection as well as the cinemas that the Korean film festival chose to preview them in are high quality. The ACMI cinemas have comfortable seats and the screen was far enough for a comfortable viewing process.

Something unique I had noticed when the film I chose to watch was over was how they decided to handle gathering information. Instead of hosting a Q and A session right after the movie, everyone was free to leave the cinema and at the booth, surveys were handed for people to judge on their experience.

I like this system because it allows people to respond to the festival in a private manner. While a Q and A session allows people to directly talk with movie directors and the festival directors themselves, there are people who are reluctant to give their own opinion or even ask questions of their own.

By allowing people to write a survey, people who are reluctant to give their opinions about the movie or the film festival can do so in a more private manner, allowing people to express their feelings freely without feeling pressured to do so.

However because of the size of the event, There isn’t much to be done at the Korean Film festival. Since the Korean Film festival only takes place at ACMI building, there isn’t much to do after the film is over but view the other attractions that are present in the ACMI building that do not have anything to do with the film festival.

However at the end of the day, The Korean Film Festival is a good experience, especially for me since this was my very first film festival and I didn’t feel as intimidated as I would have if I had decided to go to a bigger event like the Melbourne International Film Festival and at the end of the day was able to enjoy myself and the wide selection of Korean films present there.


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