Shanghai International Film Festival: let film, movie fans and film festivals grow together


The only international class film festival in China. The Shanghai International Film Festival is progressing and growing from the perspectives of exhibition scale, film quality and international influence.

The significance of the Shanghai International Film Festival to Shanghai and even to China is needless to say. As the birthplace of Chinese films, Shanghai itself has a profound film culture. The holding of the film festival plays an important role in excavating the city’s cultural heritage and promoting the city’s cultural level. The Shanghai International Film Festival has made the world see Shanghai and see China.

Of course, the significance of the festival lies not only in its economic and cultural effects on the city, however also in the fact that it is a festival about the film itself, bringing together outstanding movies and filmmakers, rewarding excellence, communicating and promoting the development of film ideas and art. The role of film festivals in these areas directly determines its status and influence. This paper discusses the role that the Shanghai International Film Festival is playing, or what kind of role we can try to play.

Uphold and stick to: film concept affects the quality of the festival.

Chen Kaige, a famous director, recently wrote about the Shanghai International Film Festival in the media. One of his words speaks of the fundamental significance of the festival: film and Film Festival grow together.

In other words, a good film festival must be able to lead the future direction of the film, Film Festival is oriented to the past (review of the classics), the present (reflect the reality), and it should be oriented to the future. This involves the concept of the festival, that is, through its selection criteria, award settings, award awards and other links, the festival can construct a unique concept and benchmark of the festival, and influence the filmmakers, and then affect the future development of the film. The concept of Film Festival tests the eyes, mind and vision of the organizers.

The Shanghai International Film Festival still has a lot of room to work in these areas. Especially in the current Chinese film market taste is relatively single, film production bias entertainment, secularization, superficial, the ultimate value of human destiny questioning, the pursuit of artistic realm is still inadequate, the Shanghai International Film Festival targeted to uphold and promote a unique concept, will have a positive impact.

Carry out and recommend: do well the movie art “laboratory”

Andre Bazan once commented on the Cannes Film Festival as “a two-week modern cinema monastery, where there are vulgar carnivals and fireworks, but more films worth watching with a clear conscience.” Although the world’s major movies include a variety of types and styles of film, but in the film festival, the best-known and ultimately awarded, mostly art films, this is an indisputable fact.

Obviously, the existence of the film festival itself is one of the most popular and easily accepted film education and art education channels for film fans, where the show is not “a single, entertaining, consumer” films, but “diverse, rich, world-wide” films. It’s a carnival for movie fans, who scramble for tickets, want to go into the cinema to see what they can’t understand, and then communicate with each other in a movie community like Douban or Wechat after watching, slowly changing from a busy fan to a movie-savvy fan. This is also one of the significance of Shanghai Film Festival which should not be neglected and should be deeply explored. It can and should provide a cultural environment for viewers to form their own aesthetic taste through watching movies.

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