Both competition and springboard for directors are two main important elements for film festival circuit-based on the Venice International Film Festival

Circuit, this word is explained in dictionary that has two different meanings, the first one is it refers to a roughly circular line or movement that starts and finishes at the same place; The other one refers to an established itinerary of events or venues used for a particular activity, typically involving public performance. As a result, it is clear to understand that if this term is applied into the field of film festival, it must be the second meaning, the meaning of it is referred to any kinds of activities that organized in film festival.

As for the film festival circuit, it includes these two distinct aspects, namely the films circulating and the people circulating. For the first part, it contains four different facets below, namely films circulating for competition, alternative distribution, springboard for directors and festival programming; For the second part, including media, audiences, film makers and also distributors. From my perspective, the most vital elements of the film festival circuit are the section of competition, and springboard for directors.

If we look at the first two aspects of the film circulating, it is easy for us to find that the section of competition is the most important part of any film festivals, for the reason that the purpose of setting this section is to screen out outstanding movie works, at the same time, these excellent films can add lustre to the festival, for the reason that film festivals are extremely significant for the survival of any types of cinemas all over the world, no matter what it is world cinema, art cinema or even independent cinema. Furthermore, competition can be beneficial to the healthy development of film industry.

Taking the Venice International Film Festival as a typical example, the competition section is one of the best parts of it, for the reason that competition is an important basis for promoting the development of film, and a fair and reasonable competition system is the bottom line for maintaining the healthy development of the film. For instance, in 2013, the main competition unit film had been unified to 20; The non-competition film was determined to 12, and the new work of the award-winning master director would be given priority; The horizon unit film, like the main competition unit, was also 20, which would be used to encourage the creation of new directors. It also expressly stipulated that each film can only receive one grand prize. Only the movie that won the actor award can win another grand prize, but this other award can not be the highest-ranking Golden Lion award. All of this can be seen as the milestone to advance the progress of the competition system of film festival.

Next, in the aspect of encouraging new directors, as it has been talked in the last paragraph, the organizing committee took lots of active actions. The major thing is provide a platform for them to express themselves, in order to encourage them can compete with those senior directors more fairly.

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