A New model of the film festival— Interactivity

In the past, the general impression of the film festival is a star-studded ceremony, we just read these kinds of news online. People focus on the award ceremony rather than the film festival. Recently, its emphasis on the audience feels and participation. Film festival becomes a platform that people can chat with another face to face, and people even can join the seminar with film-makers, listening to the speech of the production process. When the film-makers open up their production process and invite people in, they can see the different parts of this film. Film festival brings people together around the cinema and provokes discussion between friends and strangers in long theatre queues. No matter they come from which country or talk about which country’s films. Due to the Internet development, people watch films online and just comment it under the websites. However, as many film festivals rapidly expand, the film festival has become a social hub. It not only includes the opening ceremony and closing night but also has seminars, Q&A parts and industry talks after film showing. It is different from watching films in the cinema, Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) has guest speeches. Directors and film-makers set in front of the theater and share the experience of their production. From this, the audience can get an in-depth understanding of the film, and the audience can feel respected in the process of the film festival.


In order to emphasize the interactivity, MIFF also set the special part of virtual reality (VR) films. This new film viewing medium, which needs the audience to wear VR glasses. And it is all the better for you to not realize how silly you look, spinning around and gawking madly. It is different from 3D but gives more and out of the frame to give viewers a jolt.

There are many new ways of engaging audiences into the film world, it not only claimed that the audience is important in the process of production but also give the real respected to film producers.


Glenn, D 2016, ‘Breathing new life into cinema: interactivity at film festivals’, Metro Summer, vol. 187, pp. 125-127.

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