The Shanghai International Film Festival and the Internet

In the middle of 2018, Beijing, Cannes and Shanghai film festivals were launched in succession. Since the world’s First International Film Festival was founded in Venice, the festival has gone through more than 80 years from 1932. Film Festival has become a magnificent event to show the influence of the film attracting film fans, which contributes to the development of the film industry and film culture in the world. However, in the current information age, the Internet as an important part has been integrated into the film culture and markets as well as fan life. It is affecting the development trend of the film festival. Using the Internet to achieve innovation in the film festival, which has become the focus to develop festivals and guide the audience, especially the younger generation. To create a more healthy and rational film culture atmosphere to improve the viewing taste and the film art of new vitality.

The Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) that takes place every June, is the only A-category international film festival in China, which has become an important landscape of Shanghai’s cultural life. SIFF has attracted more than 1.5 million Chinese audiences and nearly 10,000 Chinese and foreign filmmakers to visit Shanghai. It not only gathers well-known filmmakers from all over the world but also become the best window to present the new features of the Chinese film. More and more filmmakers are taking part in the Shanghai Film Festival as an important opportunity to promote films. During the festival, many new films were launched to represent the direction of Chinese films in the next year.


A few years ago, people were still thinking whether Internet movie is really a movie, but now the Internet film has gradually gained people’s recognition. It was an important part of the Shanghai Film Festival where it was the first time to set up awards for the network movies, having a great influence on the entire industry of network movies. The network movie is the Chinese unique movie form, and it originates from the micro movie, developing from the fusion of the Internet and the movie. Internet elements are changing the external and internal content to be a new model and force in the Chinese film industry. In SIFF, ranging from participating in the exhibition and selection of films to ticket sales and the method of communication, there is a connection with the Internet everywhere.

On the other hand, the cultural atmosphere is always the main factor attracting fans to pay attention to film festivals. In SIFF, the widespread of applications such as Douban movies has provided film and star fans with a more convenient way to get information about movies and events as well as share their feelings with friends who share common interests in the Internet. In this year’s Shanghai Film Festival, the box office was around 16 million yuan on the first day, and nearly 10 million was online tickets. The factor of the Internet makes the festival get more attention to enable the event with closer ties to the lives of people, and attracting more audiences into cinemas or participate in online activities. To achieve the popularization of film art, and to guide the public’s attention from a brief upsurge of the film festival into the normal life.


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