The role of the film festival

By Zhen Zhang

Since the movie emerged, the film festival plays an important in the field of film industry, not only recognise the contribution made by the great artists but also encourage more audiences, who can get involved in the film industry, and promote the development.

Like the Melbourne international film festival (MIFF), although MIFF focus on short film competition, a plenty of programs was involved, like Accent on Asia. Many feature films are invited to this gala. Those movies come from different countries, which represent the various cultural background, social ranks, different themes, as well as a verity of creative ideas. In the shows of the festival, the audiences could have the chance to access the least movies. At the same time, people could experience the diversity of culture.

Accessing different films are the same as experiencing different lives in the world, or maybe in the different world if you are crazy about fiction movies. With various experience, audiences could be aware of the amazing world. While the experience of watching local films is totally different from appreciating others’ movies. Because of the angel, and culture, the vision of the world could be different.

The film festival could present us a more completable and professional platform, which benefits the audience, as well as the producer. Form many featured film festivals, the audience can access the abundant knowledge they never met before. Like in the woman film festival, people could learn how to show their respect to ladies in their lives. What kind of rude action should they notice? Somewhere in the world still exists discrimination, and the society and government still need to focus on the equality between the sexes. The Beijing College Student Film Festival in China is another example, which with a huge scale of the film festival in universities. Form this party, the audience could be aware of the creative thoughts and special ideas, as well as evoke their college memories.

The film festival is more like the encouragement for the new arrivals, confirmation for the scholars’ contribution, as well as communication between different culture. Meanwhile, the gala could express the influence and vitality of the film industry.

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