The most important four facets in a film festival

To all the film festivals in the world, programming, audiences, fandom and labors are the most important four facets of it, each of them are one of the significant elements of any single film festival and any of them should be connected with each other and can not separated.

For the first part, programming, which is explained in the dictionary as the planning of which television or radio programs to broadcast. That is to say, programming represents the procedure of producing a program, so this term can also be applicable for film festival, for the reason that an excellent film festival is highly depended on good organisation in any facets. As for the Melbourne International Film Festival(MIFF) that was held in last month, the general condition of programming is fine, no matter what the opening ceremony, the arrangement of its main activities and the whole procedure, all of them were organised reasonably. For instance, in the chapter of its main activity, each single activities were arranged very logically, which can make the best use of time and minimized conflicts over time.

For the second part, the audiences, it is also plays a important role of a film festival. Firstly, for the reason that this group of people is one of the decisive factors of whether the organisation of the film festival is successful or not, for instance, the attendance rate of the audiences can be a important basis for judging whether the attraction to the citizens of this city is strong or not, the more the public participate in, the more attraction of the film festival is, furthermore, the attention will become higher. Secondly, in the screening section of the film festival, audiences can see any types of movies they like, therefore, it will be easy to distinguish the different audiences’ interests. As for this Melbourne International Film Festival, the interaction between the audiences and the movies were as active as usual, for example, the movie viewers were almost stay full, which indicates that the films shown on MIFF enjoys high popularity among local audiences.

For the third part, fandom, it also has a common name-fans, which means the group of people who adore something. According to the past experience, the celebrities are usually the highlight of film festival. Many film stars who come from several different countries were invited to attend the MIFF, though they do not have high reputation.

For the last part, labor, this word means work, especially hard physical work, but if reflected into the film festival, it often refers to the staffs, both the film organizers and the safeguards of it. The staff members of the MIFF were all very professional and responsible during the whole film festival, they almost put their all effort into maintaining the order, in order to the activities during the film festival can work properly.

Anyway, the MIFF reflected a high level in the four aspects above. It did not disappoint us and furthermore, from my perspective, the MIFF provided a platform that every big fan of films can join in it.

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