The impact of the Tribeca Film Festival on Urban Development (Part 2)

By Yaqun Guo (27208508)


Promote the development of tourism and cultural industry

It is well known that the film festival is a cultural activity (Rountree, 2008). The huge amount of attention it generates, which hides enormous economic potential. For New York, the biggest economic benefits from the Tribeca Film Festival are undoubtedly a boost to the tourism industry. First of all, because of the existence of the film festival, its location is not only a place where American real estate developers compete, but also the high-class celebrities are willing to invest. The houses bought by these celebrities have naturally become a must-visit place for fans and film reporters. Moreover, the Tribeca Film Festival brings a deeper cultural and historical feeling to the audience than the more commercialized atmosphere of the Hollywood Film Festival. And the cultural sight spots near Tribeca are places where many Hollywood movies are filmed, such as Central Park and Grand Central Terminal, etc. These well-known attractions make it a worthwhile trip for fans of the Tribeca Film Festival. These two points make the Tribeca Film Festival a huge economic benefit for New York City, and it has also become an important cultural force for the rise of New York’s economy.


The social service awareness of the Tribeca Film Festival

After the terrorist attacks, the founders began organizing big companies to donate money, which has become an important factor in restoring city confidence. Celebrities in various industries have come to the city, soothing the sentiments of the local people. With the impact of the terrorist attacks gradually receded, the Tribeca Film Festival’s tolerant attitude has gained more and more acclaim from local people. Subsequently, the founders made a great contribution to the development of the community by using their economic power and social influence. The Tribeca Film Festival has raised a lot of money through corporate donations, government’s grants, and charitable activities. These donations are devoted to the documentary creation and film education.

More importantly, the film festival also launched a large number of public education activities. Over the years, the Tribeca Film Festival has been dedicated to making movies into high school class, they have sent a large number of professionals to the local high school in New York to teach students about film shooting and appreciation, and to teach them to use professional equipment to edit their own documentaries.



The Tribeca Film Festival shows the world its political, economic and cultural influence, it also gives a lot of inspiration to urban construction managers and cultural practitioners all over the world. On the one hand, the social responsibility of the Film festival and the outstanding cultural creativity not only improve the city’s popularity but also bring rich material and economic benefits to the city. On the other hand, the festival relies on New York’s rich public resources, strong economic and human resources, broad market and visionary audiences, and these factors make it famous all over the world in a short period of time.




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