The impact of culture on the film festival

By Zhen Zhang

The film festival could be the biggest party whenever in any country or region. Not only can it promote the local economic development but also provide a platform for culture in communication way.

The successfully organised film festival cannot live without the support of the government policy. Like the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Film Festival hold by Qingdao, China recently. There are more than 12 countries support it, which includes 25 groups. Those teams bring their the most representative works to the gala and join the competition.

In the film festival, the producers, who from different places in the world, will show their latest products to the public. The audience would not limit in the local area, but the all over the world. Through the works, the public could be aware of the knowledge of countries or nations, the policy, the level of economic development, the cultural background, even the natural view. As the combination of communication media and context, the film can not only let the audience learn the country but also be aware of the producer’s style, with a new life experience.

When the public access the product, there are two emotions could be generated, like or dislike. People could be in favor of or reject this film, or the director, even the country. However, when they watch the different works which belong to the same place, it will be meaningful. The audience could learn things more specific and comprehensive, through various aspects. As a result, the role of film plays could be the embodiment of both knowledge and cultural communication, as well as the platform of thoughts exchanging. People would generate strong interest in the movie, which exhibits in recent. Probably not only the film but the producer, the national culture, as well as the country.

Overall, the film festival is the most important and irreplaceable platform for the cultural communication and studies.

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