The functions of Chinese film festival

 Yang Cheng, who is an artistic director of China independent film exhibition, once said that a sound film festival should have four levels of content: public education, industry communication, quality exhibition and sales, and the most core, exploration, and discovery role. No matter public education, industry communication or quality exhibition can be replaced by other ways, and the film festival has made great contributions to the exploration and development of excellent films. The key to achieving this core level is the formation of artistic judgment. When this independent and unique artistic judgment becomes the evaluation standard of this film festival, the essence of this film festival can be reflected, which is the foundation of a film. China’s international film festival in this function is relatively weak for the United States, Europe, but also gradually improved. For example, the Shanghai international film festival has the Asian newcomer award, which is generally recognized as the best unit and is the reputation and foundation of the Shanghai film festival in the industry. In recent years, the Beijing international film festival has launched the eye-catching future unit, which also carries the function.


 Second, there is the issue of publicity. That is Beijing. As the most important city in China’s film production, Beijing has already replaced Hong Kong’s international positioning of “Oriental Hollywood”. However, at the same time, Beijing is the center of national culture and ideology, that means it needs to find a very important balance point, which should be based on industry and release certain dominant cultural discourse. Therefore, the Beijing international film festival is probably a “public film festival”. Under China’s existing quota system, again, status does not match the market, making it difficult for us to get a real-world round of screening and the premiere of masterworks. Hence, the Beijing international film festival is most likely to become a marketing orientation and carnival for fans like Hong Kong international film festival, Busan international film festival, and the Toronto international film festival. It is mentioned here that the Beijing film festival is a public event, and in the current environment, many other activities can be more public than the film festival. The bigger the festival gets, the more money it spends, the more movies it makes, the more it shrinks in the future. At the same time, the festival as a “made up” festival is actually about the collective psyche of the public. With the rapid development of the Internet, the “nerd culture” has been deeply rooted in people’s mind. Exhibitions and lectures have become the cultural edification for the public to contact the society ritualized. Therefore, the great development of the film festival is not only the appeal of the film itself but also the development and change in social psychology. In addition, the festival is bigger and bigger, but all of them are comprehensive film festivals. In the future, more special film festivals may be developed in different categories, such as animation and kung fu films.

 It is the issue of the market again. As it becomes easier to watch movies these days, you can see the latest movies from all over the world in China. The film ideology function gradually reduces, but the market function gradually strengthens. The function like an annual show or fashion show. It is worth noting that the opening ceremony of the Beijing international film festival in 2014, the leader of the opening speech, made the film as the official position of the market trading window keynote speech. The subsequent cancellation of the Beijing international film festival competition will further enhance the film trade nature of the festival.

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