Shanghai International Film Festival—— For Asia and For New Stars

The Shanghai International Film Festival, abbreviated SIFF, is one of the largest film festivals in East Asia. Since it is based in Asia, the SIFF aims to promote the Chinese and Asian film development. What’s more important, the SIFF discovers and supports newcomers.


The “Asian New Talent Awards” began at the 7th Shanghai International Film Festival in 2004 to encourage the creation of new Asian filmmakers. That is, the Shanghai Film Festival created the “Asian New Talent Awards”, which focuses on encouraging new filmmakers from Asian countries to show their positive contribution to the prosperity and development of the Asian film market. A few film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, and Venice have attracted internationally renowned directors outside the Hollywood system and talented directors who are becoming famous. These famous film festivals become an important platform for their distribution and promotion of films. At the same time, other international film festivals develop and operate in different ways. Among them, it is an important strategy for many film festivals to attract young directors who are growing up. Young directors have a lot of unknown potentials, which means they might break out some day and become the main force of the future. The ” Asian New Talent Awards ” at the Shanghai International Film Festival is produced under such a background.

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The “Asian New Talent Awards” is different from the main prize “Golden Goblet Awards”, since the ” Golden Goblet Awards ” takes into account the authority of the film selection and the film evaluation system. It is awarded to the most suitable object under the principle of fairness and objectivity to reflect its authority. Under the principle of encouraging innovation and experimental spirit, the “Asian New Talent Awards” focuses on the innovation of film concepts and language, aims to promote the vitality of Asian creation and Asian culture. The biggest difference between the “Asian New Talent Awards” and the “Golden Goblet Awards”is the regionality. In the international film market, which is almost monopolized by European and American movies, a window is needed for diverse cultures like Asia. Since the “Asian New Talent Awards” only absorbs films created by Asian filmmakers, it can guarantee the exposure of a group of Asian films. Besides, it provides young Asian filmmakers with more opportunities to exchange and cooperate with world famous filmmakers. In one word, in addition to discovering and gathering new filmmakers in Asia, the “Asian New Talent Awards” aims at promoting the development and creation of the Asian film industry.


It is undeniable that the Shanghai International Film Festival is a “young” film festival. However, with the tireless pursuit and perseverance for Asian culture, it will certainly become one of the most famous film festivals in the future.



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