KOFFIA 2018: Keys to The Heart

Although Korean Film Festival is not as grand as other large-scale film festivals in the traditional sense, it truly has the unique charm. This year, the Korean Film Festival lasted a total of 8 days in Melbourne. The content of the film varies from showing human warmth to suspense horror, which can be said to be a good embodiment of the theme of Korean films. It also gave me a good chance to understand film better and realize the cultural charm of the film as a film festival major student.


As the first formal film festival I attended, I was also full of excitement for the Korean film festival. We chose to watch the movie “Keys to The Heart” on the last day of the festival.


Six o’clock in the evening, the movie starts on time. The film Keys to the heart depicts the characters very well. Whether it’s the brother who hasn’t been loved by his father and mother since childhood or the little brother with secondary autism, each character is vividly acted and shown in the movie. As a brother, he witnessed many career ups and downs through his life. Although he was experiencing a tough life, when he met his mother, he showed more tenderness. He hoped to achieve equal motherly love from his brother, but he never shows. Every time mother misunderstood his kindness to his brother, he chose to forgive again and again. Facing his mother and little brother, he was such a kind-hearted person. That is the reason that he can find his brother’s talent for the piano and help him participate in the piano competition through his own efforts. The phrase “Impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion” appears repeatedly in the film. This is the soul of the older brother, but is more in describing the little brother’s life. Although he had defects, god gives him other aspects of talent. His flaws do not make people feel pity for him, but rather show more of his attitude towards life. In his eyes, the world seems to be pure and happy. It is also his defect that makes him love music simply and live happily every day. Piano gives him another meaning in life. He was always smiling when he plays piano. When he was defeated in the competition, he was not as disappointed as the others around him, but happily applauded. Perhaps this is also his happiness, living in the world of innocence.


Even though it is not a Hollywood blockbuster, the movie shows real love in common life, which is more impressive. There are two handshakes at the end of the movie. On a bus to a concert, the older brother held his mother’s hand tightly. She was as weak as a child. The older brother’s eyes were firm of responsibility. The second time is when the brothers were crossing the street. The little brother wanted to take a step, and the older brother stopped him and took his hand. For the first time, he forgives his mother for leaving him to live with his violent father, to eat alone, to cry alone, to endure beatings, to endure loneliness. The second time, he accepted his younger brother, promising to take care of him instead of his mother, protected, cared for him, and lived well with him, so that his music road can be broader. Although the plot is not new, I am still moved. Because our world needs genius and blossom, family affection and warmth, forgiveness and responsibility.


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