Film festival and luxury brand


If you watch the film festival, especially some of the international film festival, the celebrity always wearing luxury brand dresses and suits. At the same time, the luxury jewelry and watch are Important decoration for the celebrity. Every time, it is not only a film festival but also like a fashion show.




For the film festival, they are cooperating with the different brands. For example, FESTIVAL DE CANNES have several brands that cooperated with them. It contains different companies such as Mastercard, hp, Chopard and so on. At the same time, Palme d’O is one of the awards of CANNES film festivalthat the designer of Chopard produces the trophy. This is through a plan named “The Journey to Sustainable Luxury ”between Chopard and CANNES film festival. Thus, we could see that the brand playing an important role in the film festival. Likewise, some brand design some unique products for the film festival. For example, on 2016 Peking international film festival, IWC was designed a watch and just have 50 all over the world. This is not one example occurred, this has become a kind of trend in today’s world. Lots of the luxury brand tend to cooperate with the film festival. On the one hand, for the brands, this is a good approach to get lots of attention at the shortest time. On the other hand, for the film festival, there will be more sponsor of them and bring a high quality of film festival.


Most of the time, the luxury brand like Chanel, Dior and Prada provide dresses and bags for the celebrities. At the 75thVenezia film festival, there are lots of celebrity such as Naomi Watts, Matilda De Angelisand Hannah Gross choice the product of Prada. On the one hand, their dresses are special and expensive and suit on the film festival. On the other hand, it is a good advertising that there is a huge amount of audience of the film festival, it is a good approach to introduce the products of the brand. The film festival fashion already become a hot tag on social media that there are lots of people have interest in it. For the celebrity, the moment on the red carpet is important to show themselves and get more attention. most of the world’s greatest film artists are sponsored by the luxury brand. This is just like a battleground and the formal dress is the weapon of the artists.


As there are more and more film festival all over the world, the luxury brand has become an important part for the film festival. Every year, the fashion style on red carpet get the attention of the audience. As a successful film festival, there are always lots of brands cooperate with the film festival. Personally, I think the film industry is connected with the fashion industry. Moreover, to show a high quality and good taste, these brands provide their newest products for the celebrities, this is also a good approach to advertise the brand. For both the brand and the film festival, the cooperation could bring benefits.



“It’s not just the red carpet that’s fighting the film festival’s brand wars” soho, Accessed 13 sep 2018.


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